What Is PSiRA Renewal Online Booking Online Application Form Registration?


What is  PSiRA renewal online booking online application form registration? 

The private security Industry regulatory Authority PSiRA has this main goal to garner, nurture, and maintain the trust and reliance of the people of South Africa in the Private Security Industry. PSiRA regulates and controls the Private Security agencies in the interest of the people and the nation.

Recently PSiRA has brought a renewal which can be made online, through a form available on the website. People are having confusion and have questions regarding the procedure of update. Well, worry not, we have got your back and have come up with the solution for you. We have drawn a brief process for you to update PSiRA.

We will give you a short informative tour of the PSiRA renewal online application form, and the process of filling that form. We will also take you on a short tour of the website www.psira.co.za, and all such other tools and information ancillary to fill up the form for renewal. Let’s begin.

The management responsible for the road traffic in South Africa has initiated the registration/booking of the private security as per the Act for the Private Security that is PSiRA. Or Private Security Industry Regulation Act.  The management is inclined and determined to ensure safety for all those who ask for it. The safety will be ensured only for those who apply for it legally, through the website. The security agencies are privately owned and managed but are controlled and directed under the central Act that is PSiRA. That the organization of the sector, and its stronghold over it, has increased the transparency, and accountability of the sector. If you are a citizen of South Africa and wish to avail the services falling under PSira, then you will just have to follow the details below. 

PSiRA Online Booking
PSiRA Online Booking

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For verification of the online booking the following procedure will have to adhere:

PSIRA number🡪ID number🡪 captcha code🡪 After inserting the code digits🡪 click on the Submit tab.

PSiRA Renewal Online Booking Online Application Form

Over the years, the personal security business has picked up and has attained the status of being one of the most rewarding sectors. Every year many big businesses and person renew their services for personal security. The government also realizes the stakes and hence has introduced a very user-friendly and easy process, which can be accessed from anywhere. However, the government is also giving its citizens the facility to get the forms for renewal, offline. Following are the details of the offline office and other details:

PSiRA offline process:

  1. Physical: – Eco Glades 2 Office Park, Block B, 420 Witch-Hazel Avenue, Highveld Ext 70, Centurion
  2. Postal address: – Private Bag X817, Pretoria, 0001
  3. Contact number: – 012 337 5500 / 086 133 3850

The closing time of the office is generally 4 p.m. The address above is of the main office, you can approach the nearest regional office at your convenience.

PSiRA online process

For all those who want to save themselves from the pain of traveling, and waiting in the scorching heat, the website is the best option. We have curated a step-wise step process for the online renewal of the form. So, just follow the following procedure:

Step 1:– Visit the official website of online services.psira.co.za  

Step 2:– Click on the “New Booking” Option.

Step 3:– In the new window, you will see an online application for the  PSiRA Renewal.

Step 4:– Fill up all the relevant details as per the form, which includes:

  1. ID NUMBER * :
  2. SURNAME *:
  3. NAME *:
  5. EMAIL :

Step 5:– Once you have filled up all the relevant details, as asked in the form, click on the submit option

Process beyond this step may not be necessary for all and only a few ones may require the procedure involving Step 6. However, as we have tried to explain and cover all the procedures, we have kept the article very inclusive. The process from step 6 is as below:

Step 6:-  After submitting the form, you will receive an activation letter on the number you have entered.

Step 7: In order to activate your account, click on the link received on the number.

Step 8:- In order to log into the account created with PSiRA, you will be required to fill in the same credential that is the id and password, as entered/received during the process. Once you log in the first time, the system will require you to change the password entered permanently.  

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Following are the essential requirements that are to be kept handy while  applying for the renewal:

  • Publicity.
  • Registration documents.
  • . Requirements for business registration and application form.
  • Security Service Provider.
  • Documents
  • The services under the PSiRA are very much beneficial and also essential for many, the renewal should be done by all the South African citizens at the earliest. We will update any procedure that is changed or introduced by the government. So, keep checking this space for all the updates.


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