Paperearn App Download: Free Golden Zip Lock Screen App [LATEST UPDATES]


Phone applications are the things that separate one smartphone from another, as they decide which of the application is more efficient and also its capability. One such application that will make your phone stand out from others is Paperearn. It is a golden zip screen lock for android phone users and is one of the most unique applications that you will find out there. 

The application is available on an open-source website, and it contains several other exciting features which will intrigue you. 

The website on which the application is available is There is also a typo error that is prevalent among the users. Some think it to be, but that is not the case. In the artillery of Paperearn, only the golden Zipp feature is unique and worth trying. 

Papereaern app Download
Papereaern app Download

Paper Earn App Installing Process

If you wish to install and give a shot to the application, you will require another application, Apk Downloader. Another process of downloading it is just going to the paper earn website, that is, and choosing the option for downloading it. A file will start downloading, which will require transfer to your phone. Your phone might not accept downloading, as android phones have this default security feature of not allowing external apps. The application is not compatible with some phones, so you may have to check the phone settings.  

Below is the stepwise step process of downloading it:

  • Go to the website of paperearn that is
  • You will find the golden zip app option on the website
  • Click on the option 
  • Download the application on the phone
  • Click on install on your android phone
  • Your download is complete 
  • Enjoy the golden zip as your screen lock

Paperearn App Features

The paperearn app is user-friendly and has the option of customizing the application according to the will and needs of every individual. We have provided the exciting ways available as:

  1. The app has the option to customize the shape, font style, and colors according to your needs. 
  2. The app has a database of many fonts and gives you the liberty of choosing one amongst the many available.
  3. The app also gives you the liberty of choosing from the vast background options.
  4. You can also change the wallpaper that appears after you unzip the lock on your phone.
  5. The application also gives you the option of changing the background of the keyboard. 

Paperearn, A Multi-Utility Application

The application gives you the option of unlocking the android from any place. The application will allow you to use this feature remotely. The other option that we find interesting is the ability to unlock the screen only in the case of an incoming message or call. We live in the age of technology, and voice command is essential.

This application gives you the option of controlling your screen through voice commands. This application even helps in increasing the battery life of the phone. The application allows you to make adjustments to increase the battery life. The application is full of many other features which might intrigue you, we leave the exploring to you guys. Please comment in the section below regarding any new feature that we might have missed. 

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The application is an innovative step and is very useful and user-friendly. The application has two versions, paperearn, and paperearn gold. Paperearn gold is the paid version, while paperearn is the free application. 

The application has taken up the most ignored thing, and that is the screen lock. It has taken the stakes of the screen lock to a new high. No one could have thought that the screen lock can do such wonders. 

The application has mixed reviews on the internet, but most of the users have praised the application. The feature of blocking messages from any user is also exciting and useful. The different color schemes, fonts, designs, and other features that we discussed above, make the application worth trying. 

The best part that we liked about the application is that it has made the boring screen lock a new meaning. The mobile companies have never thought of working on this feature, and the screen lock has remained the same for years now. We expect that we will see some competition for this application coming up soon. The popularity of this application is just picking up. 

There are rumors that the application will get an update and new features will be part of the new version of the paperearn app. Overall, the application is great and innovative and should be tried all at once. 

In this fast-moving world, one should not shy away from experiencing the new technology on the table. We are in constant search of bringing you top-notch and out-of-the-box applications and technology. We will continue bringing this delight to you. So keep checking this space for all the updates on technology, applications, and other fields of innovation.


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