Is The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 Postponed? (UPDATED 2022)


Anime has become an integral addition to the lives of the fans. Usually, the anime is based on light novels or manga series. Similar to every type of anime, The Irregular at Magic High School has been inspired by a science-fiction idea that was first available as a light book and later became an anime series. Hanabee, as well as Aniplex of America, have the exclusive rights to airing this show and there have been two distinctive seasons to date.

After a total of 39 episodes, the fans will be receiving The Irregular at Magic School Season 3. Usually, anime series get renewed for many seasons as there is a broader storyline to deliver. So, season 3 will be an exciting inclusion to this wonderful series.

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When Will the Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 Be Released?

The light novel was made available to the public in print version back in 2011. Soon, the readers demanded an anime version, and to fulfill their wishes, the anime was released on 6th April 2014. It was shown on prime TV channels in Japan including MBS. Later, it started airing on the TVQ channel in the United States. After as many as 26 episodes, the first season concluded on 28th September 2014. 

Now, there was a six years gap between the first and the second season. As a result, fans couldn’t believe their eyes when the first episode of season 2 dropped on 4th October 2020. Each of the episodes came out once every week. Finally, the last episode aired on 27th December 2020. But the second season had 13 episodes. With the ending of the season, we know that this series is being renewed for season 3. 

Though fans thought that season 3 will release in December 2021 but due to certain circumstances, the production was paused. As per the latest news, the new episodes for season 3 will roll out in 2022 itself. Thus, only the date is awaited.

The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3
The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3

Plot of The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3

In a world that is unknown to humankind, the magical element is enhanced with modern technology. But there is one limitation. Not all can have magic as now, it depends on genetics. Therefore, the modern world isn’t left with many magicians. As a matter of fact, this happened after there was a 20-year-long Third World War. Drastic changes started taking place and the world’s population was reduced to 3 billion. The war ended and the three leading world powers were the United States of North America (USNA), Japan, and the Great Asian Alliance.

Things started amplifying since there are only Ten Master Clans that are trusted with the magic community-operated inside the government. In this world, only a few magicians are left and this has led to them being treated as a commodity. Their only life is to attend magic schools and put their magic to work. There are a total of nine magic schools and each is assigned a different type of magic.

The story is about Tatsuya Shiba, a bodyguard who protects his sister Miyuki Shiba. He is a member of the prestigious Yotsuba clan, the highest of its degree as it is amongst the Ten Master Clans of Japan. On entering high school, the candidates are divided into groups based on their magical skills. Miyuki is considered to be a first-course student whereas Tatsuya is a second-course student. With amazing technical talents, combat power, and magical capabilities, Tatsuya is a charm to watch. And season 3, will be all about his adventures. 

Cast of The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3

The leads on whom the light novel and anime are dependent are surely going to be featured. Starting with the Shiba family, brother Tatsuya and sister Miyuki are the stars of the series and they will show their magical prowess. Some other popular characters who are surely returning are sister Erika, sister Minami, brother Leonhart, sister Mizuki, brother Shizuku,  Mikihiko Yoshida, Naotsugu Chi sister Honoka, and Mayumi Saegusa. Therefore, a complete package magical experience.

The Irregular at Magic High School will probably continue for a few more seasons and the release of season 3 can confirm that. What are your assumptions regarding this?

Final Lines

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