Is Piper And Lev Still Together? Where Are They Now?

Is piper and lev still together: Fans want to know if Piper and Lev have called it quits or not. In a word, absolutely; the pair is better off as a unit. Continue reading to find out if Piper and Lev are still together. During the course of their relationship, most Youtuber couples will make a prank video for their subscribers. Additionally, the prank video must center on one of them ending the relationship with the other. They decide it was all a joke, and everything goes back to normal. Lev and Piper are also familiar with the same types of practical jokes. Despite this, they are still together and content in their partnership. Lev and Piper have been consistent with their video uploads to their channels. is piper and lev still together?

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Is Piper And Lev Still Together

Popular YouTubers like Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron have become media darlings. The primary reason is that the couple started dating in 2020. After making their relationship public, the couple quickly rose to prominence. Fans also want to see them appear in more videos together. But their antics often make others question their reliability. is piper and lev still together?

Piper and Lev Journey

Lev and Piper’s followers are happy to see that the two seem to be getting along well. Piper’s urge to perform in front of an audience has been present since she was a young child. This led her to launch her professional career at an early age. Piper had entered a number of beauty contests and subsequently modeled on numerous occasions. Before she decided to make a name for herself on social media, all of this was happening.

After that, Piper made her own channel on the video-sharing website. Lev’s birthday was October 11th, 2005. As a young child, he decided to pursue his interest in dance by enrolling in dance classes. Piper has recently appeared on multiple popular dance reality shows. In addition, he became well-known after appearing in Justin Timberlake’s viral music video for “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” is piper and lev still together?

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Are Lev And Piper Dating?

The relationship between Piper and Lev appears to be going well, as seen by the many recent updates and images that have impressed their fans. They are both very active on one other’s social media accounts, therefore Lev and Piper are often spotted together. A first-time viewer of this film could think the couple is no longer together. By the video’s final frame, it becomes clear that the prank was not at all what it seemed.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Piper and Lev are still together. It comes as no surprise that the couple started dating in May 2020. It’s not uncommon for Lev and Piper to pop up on each other’s social media accounts. Piper and her partner Lev are reportedly still very much together and have impressed their fans with several updates and photographs. is piper and lev still together?

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