Are Scott And Lindsey Still Together? Where Are ‘Love After Lockup’ Stars Now?

Are Scott and Lindsey still together: If you’re looking for a guilty pleasure reality show, go no further than Love After Lockup. The drama is over the top, but audiences enjoy cheering on the ex-convicts. One such pair, Lindsey Downs and Scott Bradshaw, didn’t last very long.

After seeing how toxic their relationship was, fans quickly turned on the couple. Downs and Bradshaw have split up and Downs has been sent back to jail. The additional information she shared in an interview she gave from behind bars was not included in the show. are Scott and Lindsey still together?

Lindsey Downs And Scott Bradshaw Had A Tumultuous Relationship On ‘Love After Lockup’

The future looked bleak for Downs and Bradshaw right from the start. He told Downs he was buying them a house in Mississippi and he relocated there to be with her. In retrospect, Downs realized that the house was actually a rental.

Obviously, lying to each other is hardly a good foundation on which to build a relationship, but as it turns out, it was the least of Downs’ and Bradshaw’s issues. Distractify claims that Bradshaw invaded Downs’ privacy by searching through her belongings.

There would be no accepting that from her. Downs ratcheted up the tension, and the two of them became so poisonous that Downs destroyed Bradshaw’s home and carved “f-k you” on his desk. In her fury at his deceit, she threw his clothing out on the grass and destroyed his office. are Scott and Lindsey still together.

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Are Scott And Lindsey Still Together?

There is no doubting the poisonous nature of Scott and Downs’ relationship. To Downs, Scott going through her belongings was an outrageous invasion of her privacy. She, in turn, went through his belongings out of goodwill.

are scott and lindsey still together
are scott and lindsey still together

The two of them frequently engage in a game of “tit for tat.” As if that weren’t bad enough, Downs then found out that the Mississippi house Scott said he bought for them was actually a rental. Moreover, she suspected infidelity after discovering his old phone was loaded with images and videos of another woman.

As we were saying, there’s always some new twist or turn in the plot. Scott and Downs have officially broken up. The breakup between Scott and Downs has been confirmed by TVShowcase, who spoke with Scott about it. When the shoot was over, he says, “he kicked Downs out of the house.” are Scott and Lindsey still together.

Downs Says ‘Love After Lockup’ Didn’t Tell The Whole Story

Both Downs and Bradshaw appeared to be poisoned by their relationship with one another. Downs still doesn’t feel like her experience was told in full after watching the show. She revealed to Starcasm that Bradshaw committed heinous acts that were cut from the show.

Bradshaw allegedly dumped her belongings onto her mother’s lawn in a drunken frenzy and said as much in an interview. (After he attempted to keep many of her daughter’s belongings.) Mylie Grace Downs shouldn’t be drawn into this, but Bradshaw wouldn’t let her into his house to retrieve her daughter’s belongings.

She claims Bradshaw even hid a gun inside the residence, locking her out. Since Downs is a convicted criminal, she must avoid all weapons. “I still had a lot of stuff in the house that I was planning to get later,” she said.

are scott and lindsey still together
are scott and lindsey still together

Scott though, texted me that he had placed a “weapon” in the house and that I was not welcome to retrieve my belongings. Even though Downs was arrested once again, it wasn’t because she destroyed some of Bradshaw’s belongings and reported it to the police. She was facing multiple counts, including those of drug possession. are Scott and Lindsey still together.

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When Will Lindsey Downs Get Out Of Jail?

Downs severed ties with Bradshaw before she was returned to prison. She says she is through with us forever. He did write to her while he was incarcerated. It was not a friendly “let’s get back together” letter.

This piece of paper, which Downs posted on Instagram, is Bradshaw’s prediction of what Downs will do once he is released from prison. To the best of our knowledge, Downs will be locked up in an Alabama prison until at least March 2022.

After a federal court found her guilty, she was given a prison term of 24 months. According to Downs, despite her previous terrible experience, she is still hoping to find love while incarcerated. Initially, she was hesitant to write to inmate pen pals again.

She’s since had second thoughts and created a profile in the hopes of meeting a more suitable mate. “My friends have encouraged me to not think that everyone is like Scott and to not let him hinder my likelihood of happiness in the future,” Downs said. So, hopefully, I’ll be back on the site in about two months, and this time I’ll have greater luck. are Scott and Lindsey still together.

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