Love Is Blind Brazil Couples Still Together: Will Any Couple Come Out Of This Together?

love is blind brazil couples still together: We can’t help but get hooked on Love Is Blind: Brazil while we patiently for the return of the critically acclaimed Netflix reality series. In October 2021, the first season of the show was made available on the streaming service, and it retained all of the original show’s drama, hope, and intensity.

Love Is Blind features awkward and embarrassing scenes, and the same thing is true of the Brazilian version. Talking about these episodes with friends was equally as entertaining. It’s quite easy to keep up with the cast of Love Is Blind, many of whom have become quite well-known because of the show’s viral success on social media, but it’s more difficult to track down news on the contestants of Love Is Blind: Brazil.

Their devoted following is eager to learn who tied the knot and who called it quits. Read on to find out what happened to the couples from Love Is Blind: Brazil in 2022. Last modified: October 24, 2022 The competitors have gone through a lot of changes since the first season of Love Is Blind: Brazil came out.

Many have gone on with their lives, one has started a family, and others are seizing the opportunity to pursue their passions. Both the American and Brazilian iterations of the show have been renewed for fresh seasons. love is blind brazil couples still together.

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Love Is Blind Brazil Couples Still Together

What Happened To Lissio Fiod & Luana Braga?

Listeners of Love Is Blind wanted to know which couples would eventually get back together. People want to know what became of the Love Is Blind: Brazil couples, and while the competitors did film a reunion episode, Netflix has yet to release it.

The updates may be found on YouTube thanks to Reddit user nadiamelk, who revealed their Portuguese heritage in a topic about the Love Is Blind: Brazil reunion. Fans of Love Is Blind: Brazil may have imagined that the storybook romance between Lissio Fiod and Luana Braga, a psychotherapist, had a happy ending. love is blind brazil couples still together.

love is blind brazil couples still together
love is blind brazil couples still together

An anonymous Reddit user named nadiamelk said that after being married, Liscio and Luana were “happy and living in the same house.” Reality Blurred said it was cute to see them start dating since Luana is drawn to Lissio’s “fiery demeanor.”

The two had reached a breaking point in their relationship. Here’s how Luana said it: “We love one other deeply, but that’s not enough. We still have some unresolved issues on both our ends that need to be addressed.” Since July of this year, neither of them has shared any images of themselves in a romantic setting on social media.

What About Thiago Rocha & Fernanda Borges?

Another Love Is Blind: Brazil couple, Thiago Rocha and Fernanda Borges, tied the knot but have reportedly been apart for almost a year now. Some viewers may have anticipated Nanda’s new romantic interest.

Interestingly, Nanda has committed herself romantically to another competitor from the show named Mackdavid Alves, or Mack for short. Fernanda and Mackdavid’s new baby was born on May 31st, and they couldn’t be happier. love is blind brazil couples still together.

Love Is Blind: Brazil Couples Didn’t Make It

Many of Shayan Haghbin’s and Ana Prado’s fans are also curious about the status of their relationship. According to The Cinemaholic, even though Shayan proposed to Ana in the pods and she agreed, the couple didn’t seem to be 100 percent certain that they would remain a couple.

During the episode’s reunion, this pair did not appear to treat each other with much civility. According to user nadiamelk on Reddit, “she insisted that he mistreated her when the cameras were off, multiple times, and he basically started to rant, calling her a liar and stating she was playing a victim to get more followers.”

It seems that both people are happy to be single at the moment. The breakup between Rodrigo Vaisemberg and Dayanne Feitoza appears to be permanent. Blurred It was obvious that the couple wouldn’t last once they started living together, and reality confirmed this.

The Cinehamholic states that Rodrigo is a bank clerk and Dayanne is a financial adviser; when they first met, many people believed that they would have a happy ending. They appeared ecstatic to be meeting in person for the first time, but Rodrigo’s excessive joking looked destined to end badly. love is blind brazil couples still together.

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What Between Hudson Mendes And Carolina Novaes?

Another successful business couple who met in the pods was lawyers Carolina Novaes and Hudson Mendes. If Hudson and Carolina broke up, that’s something fans would like to know. According to The Cinemaholic, the two rarely make social media references to one another.

This is surprising given that their relationship status would seem to be readily apparent from their respective Instagram pages. According to Reddit user nadiamelk, the pair confirmed their breakup during the reunion broadcast but did not elaborate on the reasons for their split. love is blind brazil couples still together.

love is blind brazil couples still together
love is blind brazil couples still together

Some of Carolina’s followers were taken aback when they learned that she and Hudson, who they refer to as “Carol,” had split up. A member named luhumushu on Reddit gushed about this pair, writing, ” “I have no doubt that Carol and Hudson’s relationship will last over the years since they are made for each other.

I was concerned that Hudson wouldn’t be able to deal with a feminist like Carol, but now I think all that turmoil during their honeymoon was staged. They are head over heels in love with one another. Watching their wedding had me in tears.”

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