Are Shaquille and Kirsten Still Together? Struggle On MAFS Season 16

Are Shaquille and Kirsten Still Together? : Season 16 of Married, at First Sight, has five new couples willing to put their faith in complete strangers. However, although some ties may seem promising on paper, the marriage between Kirsten and Shaquille may have trouble holding its own in real life. Since the first season of the famous Lifetime series aired in 2014, dozens of couples have been randomly paired; nevertheless, only Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner, who got married on MAFS season 1, have remained together.

Most of the marriages highlighted throughout MAFS have ended in divorce; several partnerships have even dissolved midway through the social experiment, perhaps due to blatant instances of incompatibility or even simple differences. Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Calvin Roberson of MAFS season 15 failed to successfully pair the other four San Diego singles, however, Lindy and Miguel from that season are still together as of the show’s mid-2022 comeback.

Kirsten and Shaquille, Jasmine and Airris, Nicole and Christopher, Gina and Clint, and Domynique and Mackinley were all paired off by Dr. Pepper and Pastor Cal for MAFS season 16, which takes place in Nashville.

Fans have been vocal about their displeasure with the experts’ decisions in previous seasons, but they returned for this one. Though it’s difficult to predict which couples on MAFS season 16 will have what it takes to stay married and which will end up divorcing, Kirsten and Shaquille’s introductions may have already signaled difficulties ahead. Are Shaquille and Kirsten Still Together?

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Are Shaquille And Kirsten Still Together?

Kirsten, like Alyssa from season 14 and Morgan from season 15, is picky about the kind of marriage she wants and won’t settle for anything less than a well-educated, very religious man. Dr. Pepper and Pastor Cal may have found a perfect match in Kirsten and Shaquille based on their confident personalities and lofty marriage goals, but the couple may have had trouble communicating after Kirsten discussed her sexual preferences before the wedding.

Kirsten was worried about not being attracted to her MAFS partner, and she made it clear that she wasn’t interested in Shaquille since he was bald. The relationship between Alexis and Justin on MAFS season 15 had similar difficulties at the outset. However, while Alexis and Justin ultimately broke up, Kirsten may be willing to compromise on some of her requirements. Are Shaquille and Kirsten Still Together?<


Kirsten & Shaquille Have Busy Lives Outside MAFS Season 16

Kirsten and Shaquille are both hard-working and driven, but their hectic schedules may compete with one another rather than help them advance in their relationship as they progress through MAFS season 16. Both Kirsten and Shaquille have great relationships with their families, but neither has settled down to start a family due to their busy work schedules. Are Shaquille and Kirsten Still Together?

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For a living, Kirsten works as a licensed real estate agent and recruiter, while Shaquille, who is used to long-distance relationships, is an educator. Success-oriented and self-reliant Kirsten and the confident, outspoken Shaquille may find it difficult to work together in MAFS season 16. Although the MAFS experts have taken heat for years because of their failed pairings, Kirsten and Shaquille have a shot at staying together on Decision Day.

Kirsten’s apparent unwillingness to kiss Shaquille at the altar in the sneak peek for the upcoming episode of MAFS season 16 may be foreshadowing marital strife. The excitement of MAFS season 16 is only beginning. There are still many more episodes and surprises to come. Despite their differences, I hope Kirsten and Shaquille are able to build a solid connection. Are Shaquille and Kirsten Still Together?

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