Singles Inferno Couples Still Together? Where The Cast Now?

singles inferno couples still together: Single’s Inferno, a Korean dating sitcom, is back for a second season on Netflix, and it’s full of real-life K-drama. The fascinating show follows a group of singles as they spend a little over a week on a remote island and compete in a series of games in search of true love; it was the first Korean reality series to join the streamer’s global top 10 ranking earlier in 2022, according to FlixPatrol, a streaming analytics company. singles inferno couples still together.

Singles Inferno Couples Still Together

Moon Se-hoon And Shin Ji-Yeon

Fans of the first season loved seeing Se-hoon and Ji-Yeon together. Se-hoon stood out for his dogged determination and single-minded pursuit of Ji-Yeon, even after she had repeatedly rejected him. After Ji-Yeon broke down in tears while talking to Se-hoon on one of their hotel getaways, viewers were thrilled to see the two become a couple by the end of Season 1.

A video presented at Netflix’s Tudum Korea event shows the two finalists revisiting the iconic Single’s Inferno island for a nostalgic walk down memory lane and a preview of the island’s updated features. In a YouTube live session for his channel in February of this year (which was also posted by Twitter user @Baekhyuneesyoja), Se-hoon said that he and his girlfriend, Ji-Yeon, “don’t get to see each other often” because they are both “very busy” with their respective careers and studies (Se-hoon owns a restaurant and fashion business, while Ji-Yeon is a neuroscience university student). singles inferno couples still together.

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Song Jia And Kim Hyeon-joong

Jia, the YouTube beauty content producer who charmed the cast members and viewers alike with her show-stopping looks and “bling bling” style (as a cast member characterized at the time), decided to be with Kim Hyeon-Joong, a fashion model/personal trainer, in the final round of the series.

Although the two never officially confirmed their relationship, South Korea’s Top Star News reported in February that Hyeon-Joong had uploaded an Instagram story showing an image of a golden retriever on a leash playing in a field of grass in January, after the program had ended. Jia’s life took a turn for the worse when it was revealed that she had been accused of wearing knockoffs during filming. singles inferno couples still together.

Kang So-yeon And Oh Jin-tаek

Tailor store owner Jin-taek, who was absolutely captivated by sporty/sexy chic So-Yeon, a boxing gym owner, from the very start of Season 1, astonished spectators when he at one point rejected the deep connection he had with her.

In August 2021, however, So-Yeon posted a photo to Instagram that appears to no longer be available, but was reported by TheCinemaholic; in the photo, she appeared to be playing tennis, and about the same time, Jin-taek posted a video to Instagram showing himself on the same tennis court. Since then, however, neither has posted anything on social media that may be interpreted as a sign that they are an item. Both contestants follow other Season 1 finalist on Instagram but do not follow each other. singles inferno couples still together.

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Ahn Yeah-won And Kim Jun-sik

Health and beauty model and Pilates instructor Yeah-won, who won over fans with her sunny disposition, comically faked to reject Jun-sik (the owner of a health foods firm) at the Season 1 finale. In January, Jun-sik released a collage of Polaroid photographs of the cast, including some of just himself and Yeah-won, to his Instagram account. Nonetheless, Yeah-won acknowledged in a January video on her YouTube channel that the couple had agreed to remain friends.

After meeting a few times over lunch and staying in touch, she said it was difficult to connect due to their busy personal work schedules. This year, the couple was also seen in what appears to be a commercial shoot for the promotion of a collagen honey health drink, as evidenced by an Instagram post uploaded by Jun-shik in April. singles inferno couples still together.

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