Wayne Season 2: Will There Be A Season 2? 

Although YouTube Premium’s attempt to produce original content to rival services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu ultimately failed, the service did produce some successful shows, such as the martial arts comedy Cobra Kai (which was later picked up by Netflix) and the dark, action-comedy series Wayne (about a teenage vigilante).

The show, created by Shawn Simmons, followed teenage Mark McKenna as he drove across the country from Brockton, Massachusetts to Florida in search of his late father’s stolen Pontiac Trans-Am. The show quickly gained popularity, with tens of millions of views on YouTube and widespread critical acclaim.

Wayne was hit hard by the streaming wars when YouTube reduced its investment in original programming just a few months after it first aired, despite being a fan favourite. At first glance, it might appear that the show has no chance of returning for a second season. YouTube has not confirmed the show’s cancellation.

Co-author Rhett Reese put it best on Twitter in 2019: “Actually, Wayne didn’t get cancelled. Instead, it had its network shut down.” Instead of giving up, the show found a new home on Amazon Prime and will premiere there in 2020. Given that the show is now being “presented by Amazon Prime,” it’s reasonable to assume that season two will soon be available to watch. Here’s the current state of things regarding Wayne Season 2.

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Will There Be A Wayne Season 2?

Wayne may not be renewed for a second season just because it was picked up by Amazon. Even though it hasn’t happened yet, it’s still possible that it will be renewed. Since the original YouTube series, Cobra Kai was picked up by Netflix and given a renewal, it’s possible that Amazon will give the green light to more episodes following Wayne and his bold girlfriend Del (Ciara Bravo) as they seek justice.

The show’s actors and creators are enthusiastic proponents. Showrunner Shawn Simmons, along with stars Mark McKenna and Ciara Bravo, urged viewers to check out the show on Amazon when it first premiered, with the hope that the streamer would renew it if it proved popular. Wayne season 2.

If Amazon has indicated that the show’s performance on the service justifies a second season, then it appears that the idea is being seriously considered. Things appeared to be on the up and up after its initial airing.

In December 2020, co-writer Rhett Reese told Complex that they had received “good feedback from Amazon” regarding Wayne. However, it’s been a minute since the show went live on the service, and there’s been no update so far. According to IMDb, the series ended after the 2019 season.

However, it should be noted that no official cancellation announcement has been made, so this may not be the end after all. The viewership data may still be under review at Amazon. Considering that the show’s cancellation occurred in the midst of the pandemic when Hollywood was largely shut down. Wayne season 2.

Amazon Studios had to put many productions on hold or possibly evaluate which to prioritise, it’s possible that the show’s future renewal will be affected by these circumstances. Meanwhile, you should continue to channel your inner Wayne and blackmail your friends and family into watching it. Don’t worry about offending anyone, mild suggestions are fine.

Wayne Season 2 Be Release Date

Without confirmation of a renewal, there is no telling when new Wayne will premiere. Shawn Simmons, the showrunner, recently told Screenrant that he has already written the Season 2 premiere and has the entire season mapped out, so it seems as though the team wouldn’t need much time to write out the rest of the script before moving into production should Amazon renew the dark comedy.

Watching what the show’s stars are up to in the meantime is interesting as well. According to IMDb, filming is currently underway on the upcoming Peacock teen drama One of Us Is Lying, on which Mark McKenna will play a pivotal role. The actor will then embark on a tour with his (excellent, 1975-inspired) band at the very tail end of 2021. wayne season 2.

milk While it appears that Ciara Bravo will have some time on her hands soon, the actor who plays her father, Dean Winters, is currently in pre-production on Peacock’s Tiger King-inspired series Joe Exotic. Seeing as the cast won’t be available to shoot until early 2022, it seems unlikely that we’ll be taking a trip back to Brockton any time soon.

Based on that hypothetical schedule, Wayne might not return until late 2022, assuming the show is renewed for a second season. The wait may seem interminable to those who have been following Wayne since its initial release on YouTube in early 2019, but if everything goes according to plan, the payoff will be as sweet as any of Wayne’s (unhinged) acts of revenge.

Wayne Season 2 Cast

Without the titular bad boy with a good heart and a pair of nunchucks, Wayne would be nothing. Mark McKenna, who plays Wayne, should return to lead the second instalment. Since he can’t get enough of Del, the Clyde to his Bonnie, even though her father and thugs for brothers are chasing her across the country, Ciara Bravo, who plays the sassy teen, should return as well.

wayne season 2

Since Wayne’s extreme violence hasn’t resulted in anyone else’s death (yet), it’s not surprising that everyone else is back. To name a few, Principal Cole (Mike O’Malley) and his friend Orlando (Joshua J. Williams) will be back, as will Officer Jay (James Earl) and Sgt. Stephen Geller, who were hot on Wayne’s trail. wayne season 2.

Del’s father, played by Dean Winters, and her brothers Carl and Teddy (twins Jon and Jamie Champagne), will also return (Stephen Kearin). Now that Wayne has been caught and is being forced back up to Brockton, it is unclear whether or not we will see more of his opponents down in Ocala, such as Reggie (Francesco Antonio), his stepfather Calvin (Kirk Ward), or even his mother (Michaela Watkins). If Wayne wasn’t allowed to bring the car back with him to the north, we’d wager there’s more conflict to be resolved involving that vehicle.

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What Will Wayne Season 2 Be About?

The season finale of Wayne was a gut punch to viewers who had endured a lot of bloodshed throughout the show’s first season. The anti-hero may have defeated Reggie, who owned a gator, and retrieved his father’s car, but eventually, Del’s family and the police found them. Shawn Simmons told Inverse that since the police are bringing Wayne back to Brockton, the second season will begin with him in juvenile detention.

“The whole season is about Wayne trying to go straight,” he explained, “earning back Del, and finding the peace he deserves.” Can we infer from this that he may try to escape prison to be with her? It’s not out of the question in our minds! Although that might not be the case if he’s trying to make amends with Del’s father. Wayne season 2.

As the Season 1 finale cut to him holding her nameplate, it’s clear he’s determined to win her over. It’s not clear where Del will end up, but Simmons did tell Inverse that we’ll be seeing a lot more of her father next season, so either Wayne will have to work hard to win him over, or Del will run away again.

Finding his way back to Del could fulfil Mark McKenna’s desire to have Wayne “feel something that isn’t anger” in the new episodes. Simmons, speaking to Screenrant, said that the action comedy could only get bigger and badder in Season 2 because he has had so much time to think about it. We’ll hopefully get to see that in action soon, but in the meantime, stay tuned: we’ll be updating this post as new details emerge about Wayne. Wayne season 2.

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