Csi Vegas Season 2 Cast: Meet The 2 Actors Who Quit The CBS Show

This week, CBS will premiere the new season of CSI: Vegas, but the show will be without two main cast members. It is the fifth installment of the CSI franchise and the sequel to the long-running series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation created by Jason Tracey. The exciting sequel’s prologue introduced a potentially existential threat that might bring down the entire Crime Lab and free thousands of condemned killers back onto the neon-lit streets of Vegas.

Maxine Roby, with the support of old pals Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle, leads the smart new team of detectives in the series as they look into a case involving Roby’s former coworker, David Hodges. The united team uses cutting-edge forensics to track down leads and deliver justice in Sin City. In this article we will discuss about csi vegas season 2 cast.

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CSI Vegas Season 2 Cast

CSI: Vegas Season 2 Bids Farewell To Gil Grissom And Sara Sidle

CSI: Vegas, which returns for a second season on CBS this Thursday, September 29, at 10 p.m. ET, will have its core cast back for the new season. However, William Petersen (Gil Grissom) and Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle) won’t be back in their respective roles. Earlier this month, the premiere trailer for CSI: Vegas was released.

Marg Helgenberger played Catherine Willows, Jay Lee played Chris, Lex Medlin played Beau Finado, Ariana Guerra played Serena Chavez, Sara Amini played Sonya Nikolayevich, and Joel Johnstone played Jack Nikolayevich; Paula Newsome reprised her role as Max; Matt Lauria reprised his role as Josh; and Mandeep Dhillon reprised his role as Allie Rajan. A part of csi vegas season 2 cast.

William Petersen As Gil Grissom

William Petersen is a well-known American actor and producer, renowned for his parts in films such as To Live and Die in L.A., Manhunter, Young Guns II, Fear, The Contender, Detachment, and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. He has played the role of Gil Grissom on the CBS drama series CSI:

Crime Scene Investigation for 15 seasons, during which time he has received a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Golden Globe Award nomination, and three Primetime Emmy Award nominations as a producer. He returned as Gil Grissom in the spin-off CSI: Vegas. Throughout the first nine seasons of the show, Grissom works at the Las Vegas Police Department as a CSI Level III Supervisor and as a forensic entomologist. A part of csi vegas season 2 cast.

Jorja Fox As Sara Sidle

Fox, an American actress, and producer, is recognized for her roles in ER, The West Wing, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Memento, 3 Weeks to Daytona, Missing Persons, and even House of Frankenstein. She returned as Sara Sidle in CSI: Vegas. The show centers on a Crime Scene Investigation team in Clark County, Nevada, which looks into crimes in and around Las Vegas, and one of the main characters is a forensic scientist named Sidle. A  part of csi vegas season 2 cast.

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How Will The Two Characters Be Written Off?

TVLine has released a sneak peek from an upcoming episode of CSI: Chris Park was overheard gushing to a friend about how amazing it was that Catherine Willows had come out of retirement to assist Maxine Roby’s Las Vegas CSI team. Fellow CSI Joshua Folsom stated that Sara and Gil were on vacation, hinting at their probable retirement, while Park pondered aloud whether Willows had sought out them for the inside scoop on Roby’s team.

In December of last year, it was revealed that William Petersen will not be returning to the role of Gil Grissom for the rest of the revived season. Though he is leaving his role as showrunner, he will continue to contribute to the show as an executive producer. After Petersen’s departure, CSI vet Jorga Fox announced that she, too, would not be returning as Sara Sidle. Since Sara and Gil were so integral to CSI’s history as a partnership, Fox has stated that Petersen’s decision to not participate in the resurrection was a major factor in her decision to quit. csi vegas season 2 cast.

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