Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 Release Date: Where To Watch?

Season 1 of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy was a huge hit, and its fans are eager to see what Season 2 has in store. The first season brought so many surprises that fans are confident the second will do the same upon its release. Examine this piece I wrote to learn more about what to expect from the upcoming second season of the anime.

Kei Azumi is the creator of the Japanese light novel anime series Tsukimichi Moonlit fantasy. C2C adapted the manga into an anime, and Shinji Ishihira oversaw production. Season one of the show aired from July 7 to September 22, 2021.

The anime tells the story of Makoto Misumi, a high school student like any other who lives a normal life until he is suddenly transported to a fantastical realm by the god Tsukuyomi and forced to fulfill a promise he made to his parents by becoming a hero. The goddess, however, mocks him for being unique and isn’t thrilled to have him because of his appearance, so she banishes him to the edge of the world and takes away his status as a hero.

All manner of dragons, spiders, and non-human tribes populate the fantasy world that Makoto explores. However, his otherworldly origins mean he can also learn magic and use it to his advantage in battle. Makoto must adapt to this fantastical world and its many inhabitants in order to play the role of hero there. In this article we will discuss about moonlit fantasy season 2 release date and many more things related to it.

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Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 Release Date

The company behind Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy, C2C, has reportedly confirmed and clarified details about the release of Season 2 of the series. And since the official team makers just announced Season 2 of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy, C2C has also come up with the official release date of the second season of the anime series, which is expected on 25 November 2022. As a result of Crunchyroll’s acquisition of the streaming rights to both seasons of the anime series Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy, viewers who missed the first season can catch up with the second here. moonlit fantasy season 2 release date.

The Expected Plot Of The Upcoming Season

Since not much is known about Season 2 of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy outside of what we’ve gleaned from official sources, we’ll just have to keep hoping that it picks up right where Season 1 left off.

Where Season 1 left off narratively could be picked up by Season 2. Because of this, in the season one finale, Makoto fought and defeated the adventurer Sofia Bulga and the dragon Mitsurugi. Together, they join the demon army’s mission to destroy humanity, which is only partially thwarted by Makoto’s intervention.

Since the show’s creators have been tight-lipped about season 1, we can only speculate that the second season will follow the events of volume 5 of the manga. Volume 5 follows Makoto as he tries to enroll as a student and spread Earthly knowledge in the fantasy world, but instead takes the teacher employment exam instead of the student entrance test.

Fans of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy will have to wait a little longer to experience the second season of the series, but if Volume 5 of the manga series is followed by Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2, then it will surely be filled with much greater twists and turns. moonlit fantasy season 2 release date.

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Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2: Cast And Characters

  • Makoto Misumi, played by Natsuki Hanae
  • Tomoe, played by Ayane Sakura
  • Toki o Mio ni Akari Kito
  • Starring Saori Hayami as Emma
  • Featuring Shinpachi Tsuji as Beren
  • As Toa, Yurika Kubo
  • Rinon, played by Aiko Ninomiya
  • Goddess, played by Reina Ueda

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