Metamorphosis Anime Adaptation, Release Date Status & Trailer Out? (Updated)


Metamorphosis Anime has surpassed the expectation of the fans in every way, and the amount of creativity that the writer delivers and the engagement it offers are surreal. Anime has created what many multi-million-dollar budget movies have failed to create.

Anime has a huge fan base and draws an audience. Fans are just gaga over the anime and do not miss any new adaptation that will air.

Manga is a very famous phenomenon in Japan, and the amount of paper that goes into printing Manga in Japan is more than all other purposes combined.

The recent anime that has the limelight in the anime fan community is the Metamorphosis anime adaptation.

metamorphosis anime
metamorphosis anime

The story of the anime revolves around a girl named Saki Yoshida. It is a story of how the girl, who is still a teenager, makes a decision to change her life.

There is one thing about change that is not always positive, and in the process of bringing a change in her life, she completely destroys it. The storyline of the anime seems very interesting, and the fans are very impatient for the announcement of the release date. 

Metamorphosis is also known by the name of Emergence and belongs to the category of dark and depressing Manga.

This Manga is not for the faint-hearted, and the one with emotional instabilities is advised to stay away from the Manga.

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Manga belongs to the hentai genre, and the release of such dark manga is not expected by many, but still, they manage to have an audience. Dark and depressing mangas are on the rise lately. Their adoption as anime is more frequent now, the fans of such mangas have opened a pandora’s box, and metamorphosis is straight out of that pandora’s box.

The author and his team have gathered some essential and important information regarding the anime. We will share it with you all, so fasten up your seat belts and enjoy the ride. 

Will Metamorphosis Anime Ever Get Renewed?

Metamorphosis is a Hentai manga, which is created by mangaka Shindo L. Original manga was first released in 2013 and continued till 2016, and the readership of the manga increased gradually and eventually became a hit.

The reason for its popularity is the wide publicity it garnered through YouTube channels, and other bloggers did a lot of videos, posts, and articles on the manga, and it became a hit. 

There is a complete cult that follows this manga religiously and is making a call for the anime. With the millions of fans, it has globally, an adaptation of the same is commercially viable.

The original manga has seven chapters, and the storyline revolves around the character of Saki. She is a troubled girl who underwent peer pressure, and this peer pressure led her into troubled and dark life. The social media communities are full of requests and impatient fans who desperately wait for the release of the anime of this dark manga series. There are dedicated fan clubs across social media platforms, and all are full of such requests. 

Metamorphosis Anime Release Date

The series is dark and has a code of 177013. The release date of the series is not confirmed, however, we have our sources and intel intact.

According to our information, the anime series will apparently air in the first half of 2023. As per our sources, the series will release in April or May of 2023. This is a tentative date and will apparently shift before or to a later date. We are sure that the series will not air in 2022.

There is no trailer/teaser of the series yet, however, we will update the information on the release. We will also review the trailer/teaser and we will construct a probable plot for the anime. Big producing companies like a crunchy roll are showing interest in the series, and hence the delay of the anime will not last long. 

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Metamorphosis Anime Plot?

The metamorphosis anime version will follow the lines of its manga counterpart. The story will revolve around the character of Saki Yoshida, she is a teenage girl in her fifteens and has been alone all her life.

Things start to change when she joins the school. After joining, she decides to take the matter into her hands and pledges to change her social life. On the first day of her school, she meets a boy named Hayato, who is bad news for her.

This boy takes her to a Karaoke bar, offers her drugs, and eventually engages her in explicit activities. She gets addicted to illegal drugs and ends up in the line of prostitution. Saki further undergoes peer pressure and goes on the online forum, where she meets clients and takes money in exchange for favors. Saki’s life deteriorates constantly and stops after her death in the manga. 

There is no official information on the series, and the makers are discreet about it, and no release date or detail is released. We will be updating any information on the series in the future. Keep checking this space for all the updates.

Guys stay tuned with us to get the latest update about every news like this. We will be happy to provide you with the best and latest news. Keep sharing and leave your comment in the comment section and visit, News Conduct.


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