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Overflow Anime Season 2 Release Date And All Insights We Know

Anime has a widespread fan base globally and is an emotion to fans. Anime movie is a phenomenon in Japan and has more paper spent on printing manga than for any all-purpose combined. The anime industry has delivered some of the best anime series lately. The storyline, the presentation, and the character execution are just top-notch. Overflow is one such anime, it is one of the most applauded hentai series of all time. The fans are just in awe of the series and every character associated with it.

overflow anime
overflow anime

According to the fans, the story is very well written, and it is really hard for anyone to repeat it anytime in the future. Rei Ishikura has directed the series, and Eeyo Kurosaika has written it. In the anime series world, the production house plays an essential role as they decide the ultimate flow of the movie and series.

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Well, we have to thank Hokiboshi studio, the production house is known for previous hentai series like Fire in his fingertips, Titan’s bride, etc. The story of the anime overflow is based on the original manga, which has the same name, which is, Overflow: Iretara Ofureru Kyōdai no Kimochi. 

The original manga was written by Kaiduka in October 2018, and the manga was published under Suiseisha.

Is Overflow Anime renewed for a season 2?

Some series are so dear to us, and we are so engaged with them that we don’t want them to finish anytime soon.

Well, the fans connected with the series and fell in love with it. That the ending of the first season had the fans disheartened, and they are waiting desperately for the second season 2. When the first season ended in 2020, the huge success and fan following that it mustered made everyone think that the second season will release soon.


The aspirations of all, however, were let down, and the second season is yet to release, even after three years. There has been no news regarding the renewal of the series.

It was also rumored that the show got canceled as there were some disagreements between the writer and the producer that is between Kaiduka and the Hokiboshi studio. Then came the news in September 2021 that the first season of the overflow will be re-broadcasted on Tokyo-MX, again.

The fate of the second season is still in the shadows, and nothing is confirmed yet. The producers of the show are yet to clear the air regarding the second season. 

Though nothing is clear, don’t worry fans, we have our sources all around, and will try to make an intelligent guess.

The popularity of the series is beyond the charts, and the fans want the second season desperately. The writer and the producer have a lot of material to make two or three more seasons. The disagreements will not last long and the producers will reach some agreement, to remove the commercial impediments.

From what our sources tell us, the second season is most likely to release soon, and the dates for the release will be announced by the producers. The dates that we are receiving are that the show will be released anytime in the first half of 2023.

The second season is expected to have ten episodes. The first season had eight episodes, however, the running time is not that impressive, and each episode is having a ten-minute run time. The second season is expected to follow its predecessor. The first season ran from 6 January 2020 to 24 February 2020. 

Overflow Anime Season 2 Plot

The anime series, Overflow is a hentai series with a romantic theme to it. The story revolves around Kazushi Sudou, who is a university student.

Other characters of the series include Kazushi’s friends, who are around him since his childhood. The name of the characters who are friends of Kazushi is Ayane Shirakawa and Kotone Shirakawa. Ayane and Kotone are sisters, and both live together.

overflow anime
overflow anime

The siblings visit Kazushi’s place very often. Both Kotone and Ayane consider spending time at Kazushi’s, the best time pass. Kotone when visiting Kazushi’s place, she finds that Kazushi has not bought the pudding that he promised to buy. Kotone was enraged by this act of Kazushi and decides to avenge herself.

The events that follow depict some steamy scenes between Kazushi and Kotone in the bathtub. Kazushi is then influenced by infatuation 

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and targets the elder sister Ayane, then the same events follow, and we see some steamy scenes between both. Kazushi however, felt guilty about cheating Kotone and hence confronts her with the truth. Kotone is not affected much by the revelations, and the three of them continue with their adventures. 

The second season will pick up from the same point, and from what we know, things will get spicier between the characters. We will see more of the explicit content on screen. The romance will further develop. We can also see the infatuation turning into love and a fight between the sisters for Kazushi.

Well, there are many possibilities, and we cannot keep calm for the second season. We have kept our ears to the ground and are looking for updates. So keep checking this space for all the updates. 

Guys stay tuned with us to get the latest update about every news like this. We will be happy to provide you with the best and latest news. Keep sharing and leave your comment in the comment section and visit, News Conduct.


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