Review of Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires – Overwhelmed (PS5)


Dynasty Warriors 9 the longest-running series of Dynasty Warriors has been developed by the Omega force which is a studio of Koei Tecmo umbrella.

This game has been released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 5, Steam, and Nintendo Switch,  in English on 15th February 2022.

Everything You Need to Know About Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires

The story of this game series is completely based on the romantic story of the three kingdoms novel written by Luo Guanzhong. 

There are a total of 8 campaigns available which is present in the game recently as Conquest mode and each of the campaigns is taken place during different parts of the Three Kingdoms of the history of China.

There are a total of 90 characters which is present in the game and you also have the option to create your own characters in the game. All the characters you make can make the game a bit difficult to follow.

However, if you start the game as an important figure the maximum story moment would look more important and it will be very much noticeable. If you are planning on starting as an officer the story would be a bit less complicated for you to play and survive.

Dynasty Warriors is a total combination of 2 games combined into one if we talk about the gameplay of this game series. Players are provided with tasks to build up their empire and also are prepared to Survive the attacks meanwhile invading other territories in the near constitution. 

#Dynasty Warriors 9
Dynasty Warriors 9

The King of the empire is assigned to set all the objective is for the players which they should complete before they go on for the next invasion.  However, you can also choose to be the ruler and can set your own rules.

All these objects are required to be decided at the war room meeting after every few turns. All the players are also given a chance to convince the ruler about various strategies they have. 

However, all the pre-selected plans are most likely to work during this game.

Once your strategy for the further game is selected by the ruler all the players in the gang would have minimum time provided to complete the strategy. 

All, this objective for the game contains hiring new officers killing all the enemies in the nearby territories and arranging for gold and ration stores to be sufficient for the entire Army.

The strategic part of the game was very interesting for all the fans to hear but after playing it continuously this aspect turned out to be a little bit boring.

With the game moving forward the players do not find it very interesting to keep on continuing with the similar process over and over again. And with already inbuilt strategies it makes the game a bit easy for a lot of players to complete.

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Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires’ Is not Such a Fun game

Even though the strategic part of the game was not so exciting the gameplay of Musou was definitely the most exciting factor in this game. As we all know that none of the players are willing to play the game expecting a lot more Chaos and action than this game already has. 

Omega force has presented excellent work by making all the characters in the game completely fun to play with and adding a lot of actions to players helping them find the soldiers in every battle. 

This entire battle contains either defending or attacking Castle.  All the actions you choose would depend on which side you are in the game. The amount of soldiers you have with you in every war depends on how well you prepare yourself during the strategic time of the game. 

Other than all these factors there are not a lot of details added to all the combat present in the actual battles.  But all the objectives and war plans are equally aligned to balance out the entire game. However, the entire combination of this game can be rated as average if we read it and not an absolute mind-blowing game that we were expecting. 

If we talk about the next-generation version of this game that was present on PS5 it was a bit of a disappointment for us.  There are a lot of options you can choose from that as 4k visual mode or 60 FPS mode.

However, the 4K mode doesn’t perform as expected.  The artwork of this game still feels not updated and this has been followed by the developer for all the parts of this series.  Even though the 4K mode was not up to the mark the 60 FPS mode was a good deal.

Dynasty Warriors can be fun to be to play with at certain times and at times it might get boring with regular playing.  All the strategies used in the game might turn boring after playing it a various number of times. 

All the combat involved in the game is a good deal for this game and you would not be disappointed with it.  It might get a bit challenging for all the newcomers in this game to learn the ropes but all the regular players of this game love this new feature. 

Overall the game is a good game to be played with and try different new features installed in it. So do not forget to play this game and let us know in the comments below your views about the game. Until then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite games and shows.

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