Ariel’s Mother Tells Her About Her New Life And Asks Britt Reid How She Could Ask For Probation

KCTV – KANSAS CITY, MO The mother of the young child who was critically hurt in a drunk driving accident spoke extensively to the court on Tuesday.

Britt Reid, the accused, admitted to driving while intoxicated when he crashed into vehicles parked by the side of an I-435 on-ramp close to Arrowhead Stadium. His sentencing was the reason for this court appearance.

Felicia Miller, Ariel’s mother, provided a statement that was read aloud in public court by the prosecution.

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Britt Reid was at work getting ready for the Super Bowl while one of us was on the side of the road, broken down, trying to get to a minimum-wage job, according to Miller.

Felicia Miller explains how that one night had a lasting impact on Ariel’s life. When she walks, her daughter drags her right foot, and she will soon consult a doctor regarding leg braces. Ariel’s balance is unstable. She attends special education classes as a result of her slower information processing. She now needs to wear heavy spectacles, which she previously didn’t.

It’s not a game, this. It’s not the Chiefs’ game. This is our life, Miller said. According to Miller, Reid does not deserve a plea agreement and should be given the harshest punishment possible for what happened to Ariel.

“He’s a past offender. He’s had a DUI before. He’s spent time in jail. And he is requesting probation? What kind of world does this behaviour earn probation on? Can inebriated individuals seriously injure a five-year-brain old’s and believe they should receive probation? Miller wrote. Miller describes the family’s ordeal and makes it obvious that Reid’s apology is not accepted.

In the collision, five family members suffered injuries. Because of the severity of her wounds, Ariel attracted the greatest attention.

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Ariel had to learn how to walk, talk, and eat after sleeping for two weeks. In her wheelchair, she sobbed. Her mother would therefore carry her five-year-old like a newborn.

Every time Ariel drove to therapy, she passed out in the car due to her ongoing motion sickness. While Reid’s family has made a fortune from athletics, Ariel will never be able to participate, according to her mother. She lost that to Britt Reid.

The mother thanked Mothers Against Drunk Driving for their support and said she felt the prayers of people all over the world as she concluded her message.

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