When Ashley McBryde Had A Near-Death Horse Riding Accident

Ashley McBryde hit her head when she fell off her horse last September. Because of her ailment, she had to skip a few performances. At the moment, she downplayed the significance of the incident. According to McBryde, she requires a wheelchair. However, she planned to return to performing as soon as possible. The Arkansas native kept her word and began her tour about a week later.

A segment with Ashley McBryde discussing her latest album, Lineville, aired on CBS Mornings this morning. As if that weren’t enough, Garth Brooks’ invitation to the Grand Ole Opry was the surprise of a lifetime. An accident while horseback riding nearly cost McBryde her life, as she described in her memoir. In this article we will discuss about ashley mcbryde accident.

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Ashley McBryde On The Fall That Almost Killer Her

Ashley McBryde, who was riding a horse last year, claimed that the animal became startled by something. Not a big thing, except that her foot also fell out of the stirrup. Consequently, she was thrown violently from the horse. When she first fell, she assumed she had injured her shoulder.

As she rapidly realized, she had suffered a brain injury. To her fans, it wasn’t a huge thing at the time. They were a little less guarded about it today. Ashley McBryde described the situation as “very awful.” But until all the scans came back a time later, we had no idea how severe my wounds were. ashley mcbryde accident

Emergency procedures were implemented. One of the CBS Morning Show hosts inquired as to whether or not McBryde had remounted. She smiled and said, “That’s a fantastic figure of speech.” And then she admitted that she never mounted up again. However, she did return to the ranch in Missoula, Montana where the incident occurred.

Jenny is the horse’s name, and I got to go see her last week. When she asked if I was all right, I told her it was. “It wasn’t to see if I was alright; she doesn’t care if I’m alright. ashley mcbryde accident.

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McBryde Gives Thanks

But there was another, more pressing reason she yearned to revisit the property. To quote her: “I want to look at Bart and Wendy and Caroline — the ones who were there and helped save my life. To look at them and realise, with absolute certainty, that they breathed life into my lungs so that I might continue living.

The most important thing to her was to express gratitude to them for rescuing her. And then she invited everyone to the show that night. McBryde valued their presence at the event greatly. Because to the efforts of so many people, she wanted to be able to tell at least one group of people that she is still alive. ashley mcbryde accident.

As Ashley McBryde pointed out, she could have used extra vacation time. Six days after a disaster of that scale seemed too soon, she joked. She went on to say that her doctor had recommended a monthlong break from work, but that she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. ashley mcbryde accident.

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