Sara Lee Wrestler Cause Of Death: Three Kids Now Motherless

The death of WWE wrestler Sara Lee was reported by her mother Terri Lee on social media. “With heavy hearts, we wanted to report that beloved Sara Weston has gone to live with Jesus,” she wrote. We are still working out the details because everyone is in shock.

Their astonishment has been so great that they haven’t even started making arrangements for the pro wrestler’s funeral. The family has not commented on the circumstances surrounding her death, but if one is to believe the pro-post, wrestler’s she had recently recovered from a severe sinus infection and was eager to resume her regular training routine.

Two days ago, Lee posted the following on Instagram: “After my first-ever sinus illness blasted my butt, I’m finally feeling well enough to hit the gym for two days in a row. ” A fellow WWE wrestler, Bull James, started a GoFundMe page to help Cory and their kids financially.

The campaign read, “We’re all stunned and heartbroken by the tragic loss of Tough Enough winner Sara Lee.” More than $20,000 was initially sought. The last thing anyone in that position wants to worry about is money and paying for a funeral and everything else that comes with it as her devoted husband, Cory, picks up the pieces and continues to raise their three children. In this article, we will discuss Sara lee wrestler cause of death, and many more things related to her death.

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Is The Sinus Infection To Blame For Sara Lee’s Death?

No official announcement has been made regarding the cause of Sara Lee’s death, although it is possible that she succumbed to whatever sickness or accident she was fighting because of a sinus infection. sara lee wrestler cause of death.

What Is A Sinus Infection?

An infection, swelling, and inflammation of the nasal canals are the hallmarks of sinusitis (also known as rhinosinusitis), the medical term for a sinus infection. When the body detects an irritant, such as dust, pollen, etc.

it releases fluids to “drown,” “overwhelm,” and “flush away” the offending particle. In extreme cases, an excessive response can lead to an accumulation of fluid in the sinuses, which can then foster the growth of bacteria and result in an infection. sara lee wrestler cause of death.

sara lee wrestler cause of death

While viruses are the most common culprits, bacteria and even fungi can occasionally play a role in bringing on a bout of sinusitis. Sinusitis isn’t the only thing that can cause a deluge of mucus or pain and coughing and cold and flu-like symptoms; allergies, nasal polyps, and dental infections can all do the same.

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Can A Sinus Infection Be Fatal?

Claire Maldarelli, the editor of Popular Science, explains that it is possible for the infectious germs that invade our sinuses to reach our brains but only in extremely rare cases. She stresses the importance of seeing an ENT expert at once if you’ve had an upper respiratory infection for longer than it should have (over 2 weeks), or if you’ve been experiencing severe headaches or facial swelling.

According to her, the news of the death of a Michigan teenager from a similar infection, in which the bacteria had evaded and crossed the protective blood-brain barrier and caused meningitis, is a reminder that doctors and patients should pay close attention to the symptoms of prolonged infection, even though the likelihood of succumbing to such an infection is low. Sara lee wrestler cause of death.

You’re just asking for trouble if you make a habit of taking antibiotics at the first sign of a cold or cough, or if you insist on taking them even after you’ve had a cold or flu for a few days. It’s also a bad idea to ignore uncomfortable sinus congestion that lasts for weeks because doing so can lead to the development of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria or viruses. as everything is cleared related to Sara lee wrestler cause of death.

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