Three People Are Being Held Because Of A Boat Accident In Cambodia That Killed 11 People.

On Saturday, Cambodian police announced that they had arrested both of the boat’s adult owners and the boat’s 15-year-old operator in connection with the sinking that left 11 children dead.

Late Thursday, the small boat capsized in the Mekong River, about 50 metres from its destination in the southeastern province of Kandal, carrying students aged 12 to 15.

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The head of the local police force, Am Thou, told AFP that three people had been detained for questioning.

“They might be in trouble with the law. We are investigating potential charges against them at this time “As he put it.

In addition, the three have been transferred to the Kandal provincial police headquarters, where their fate will be decided, as stated by the police chief.

The death toll had risen to 11 by Saturday morning, so local authorities suspended their search for survivors. On Friday, two adults operating the boats and two students were saved.

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The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, issued a safety warning as the Mekong River rises due to heavy flooding.

These kinds of accidents are unfortunately common in Southeast Asian country, where many people rely on boats as their primary mode of transportation.

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