Wynonna Judd Refutes Feud Rumors With Sister Ashley

In response to speculation that she and her sister Ashley Judd are at odds over their late mother’s estate following her suicide this past April at the age of 76, Wynonna Judd finally spoke out. Wynonna admitted in the cover story of this week’s People that she first heard the rumour when conversing with someone at Ashley’s home.

The 58-year-old country music icon made it plain that she and her 54-year-old sister Ashley had “no argument” regarding their mother Naomi Judd’s will. “My life is so wonderful.” Life is wonderful for Ashley. Why would there be a conflict over the will? Regarding the fighting reports, the Cry Myself to Sleep actor said.

While Ashely’s father, businessman and marketing expert Michael Charles Ciminella, is still alive and well, Wynonna’s father, Charles Jordan, passed away back in August 2000.

According to Wynonna, her mother appointed Larry Strickland, her second husband, as the executor of her inheritance, which is estimated to be worth roughly $25 million, as stated by RadarOnline. When she passed away, they had been wed for over 33 years.

According to the People interview, after Strickland passes away, the sisters would eventually inherit their mother’s inheritance and divide it equally. Wynonna claims there is no justification for her to fight the will, which left her with nothing and defy her mother’s desires.

I am the last person in this family who knows anything like this, and if Ashley were here, I’d hope she’d agree with me, she said, referring to her lack of business expertise. I never considered doing so because I lack the sophistication to say, “I’m going to contest the will.”

Even though Wynonna denied a conflict with her sister over their mother’s will, it doesn’t mean the two haven’t engaged in a few contentious debates in the past. Wynonna claimed that with a life coach’s assistance, her connection with her sister has improved significantly.

‘Ashley and I are extremely dissimilar individuals, yet we are discovering that we have more in common than not. That’s pretty fascinating because, she continued, “you believe there’s a greater disconnect when you’re younger.” “The other day, we had an extremely profound conversation, but we got through it without anyone being upset.”

“As sisters, we differ on so many things,” the Give A Little Love singer said. However, when talking about our mother, we both look at each other and agree that “she was quite the character.” Before she passed away, the Judd family—mother and daughter—had one more trip planned.

Wynonna decided to carry out the tour on her own, and on September 30, the journey began in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The tour is now scheduled to conclude on October 29 in Lexington, Kentucky, and continue through the end of the month.

the pair Following the signing of their record deal in 1983, The Judds put out six studio albums and one extended play between 1984 and 1990. They released one more extended play in 2000.

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The Judds were among the most popular acts in the history of country music. They were the recipients of five Grammy Awards and had more than 20 hits that reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, including 14 that did so.

On April 30, 19 days after The Judds’ last concert and one day before the group was to be inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame, Naomi Judd committed suicide following a protracted battle with her mental health.

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