Xbox One Won’t Turn On: How To Fix It? 2022

Xbox One Won’t Turn On: The Xbox One is a popular video gaming console, but much like any other piece of technology, it has its share of issues. Sometimes, it doesn’t work at all. There aren’t as many external clues to difficulties on the Xbox One as there were on the Xbox 360 and its Red Ring of Death.

Even if the device refuses to start and displays an error code, it is imperative that you follow a systematic approach to solving the problem.

Why Xbox One Is Not Working?

Your Xbox One console may not be turning on for a variety of reasons. A broken or incorrectly connected power supply could be the blame. It is possible that the console is defective or overheated. Alternatively, the controller may simply be in need of a power supply recharge.


How To Fix An Xbox One That Won’t Turn On?

Prior to contacting Microsoft for repairs or purchasing a new device, try some of the following options:

  1. The Xbox One controller must be plugged in before you can use it. Try pushing the console’s power button instead of pressing the Xbox button on the controller to turn it on. Replace the batteries in the controller if it’s still running after you’ve done so. After that, shut down the console and re-start it using the controller.
  1. Make sure to plug the controller in via USB if that doesn’t work. When everything else fails, you’ll need a new controller.
  1. Do a test on the power supply Ensure that the cord is properly positioned in the console and firmly plugged into the outlet. In the event that this does not work, try reseating it in both places. Keep an eye out for a blinking red light from your console’s power supply.
  2. You should replace the power source if the light does not come on at all, or the light flashes orange. If there is a constant white or constant orange light on the console, you may need to have it serviced. The power strip should be checked. Check to see if you’re using a power strip or surge protector. When a power surge occurs, some feature fuses that blow and protect electronic devices from harm.
Xbox One Won't Turn On
Xbox One Won’t Turn On
  1. Make sure all other devices connected to the strip are working properly before moving on to the next outlet on the strip. To avoid wasting time and money, you should replace a dead outlet on the power strip right away. Change the wall outlet if necessary. To test if the console will turn on, move the power supply and console to another socket and plug them in there.
  2. An electrical problem is most likely to blame. The fuse box or circuit breaker should be checked if other appliances in your room and home aren’t working. A switch that’s been turned off should be the first thing you notice. Wait with it set to on. Contact a certified electrician if everything else is working and the outlet isn’t.
  3. Reset the power supply on the computer. Wait 10 seconds before reconnecting the console, the wall outlet, and the power source. It’s time to connect it back in and press the Xbox button located on the console’s front panel. The Xbox One should have adequate airflow. Overheating may be the cause of a console shutting down and not coming back on during a gaming session.
  4. Consoles should be placed in a way that allows air to be drawn in through vents on the case. The console settings may need to be checked. Select Power & Start-Up from the Settings menu. When you turn off the console, the Instant-On feature puts it into sleep mode rather than entirely shutting it down. This speeds up boot time, but it also has the potential to cause issues.
  5. Instead, change it to Energy-Saving mode. Make sure the Auto-Shutdown option is checked as well in the same menu. If necessary, disable it.

If none of the above fixes work, you may need to have your console repaired. Get in touch with Xbox’s support team.

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