Venmo Limit Per Day: Can You Increase Your Venmo Limits? UPDATED

Venmo has spending restrictions for many sorts of transactions, including person-to-person payments. Continue reading to learn more about these restrictions. Limits for both commercial and personal accounts are set apart. If you haven’t finished verifying your identification, your weekly spending cap will be $299.98 instead of $349.99.

This restriction applies to both person-to-person and approved merchant payments. The Venmo app has an identity verification feature that you may use. Select the “You” tab by clicking the single person symbol blobid0.png, then press the Settings gear in the upper right, and then tap “Identity Verification.”.”

Your combined weekly spending limit is $6,999.99. In-person payments, in-app and online transactions, purchases made with your Venmo Mastercard Debit Card, and purchases made with your in-store QR code are all included in this cap. Person-to-person payments become less feasible if you spend more than $2,999.99 at permitted merchants and Venmo Mastercard Debit Card transactions.

Suppose you spend $3,500.00 between your Venmo Mastercard Debit Card and permitted merchant transactions, and you have $3,499.99 available for person-to-person payments over the rolling weekly period. Similarly, if you spend $3,800.00 on person-to-person payments during your rolling weekly period, you will have $3,199.99 of your total $6,999.99 Venmo Mastercard Debit Card limit to spend on allowed merchant transactions.

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Using a Venmo Mastercard debit card comes with extra restrictions:

  • Venmo Debit Card Reload Limits: check your personal reload limit in the Venmo app ATM withdrawals, over-the-counter withdrawals, and cashback daily limit.
  • The sum of $4,000.00 (this limit resets daily at midnight CST)
  • $3,000.00 is the daily purchase cap (this limit resets daily at midnight CST)
  • The daily transaction limit is 30. (this limit resets daily at midnight CST)

Your limit will be reduced by the amount of anticipated reloads on Venmo Debit Card transactions, as well as any reloads that have occurred in the previous rolling week. Go to the “You” tab in the Venmo app to see all of your pending and finished purchases.

What Is Venmo?

Using Venmo, users can send and receive money immediately from each other. To capitalize on the ability to use its platform as a social network for friends and family, it was initially launched as a text messaging payment system. Braintree paid $26.2 million for the company in 2012.

Leading worldwide online payment system provider PayPal Holdings Inc. later acquired Braintree and Venmo. Online payment service provider PayPay Holdings Payments can be made using PayPal Holdings, Inc., one of the world’s leading online payment firms.

Traditional payment methods like money orders and cheques can now be replaced by an electronic payment system. Venmo is currently accepted in more than two million locations in the United States as a means of payment for online sellers and auction sites.

Venmo Limit Per Day Explained

For both unverified and confirmed accounts, you need to know how much money you can spend on days to understand how Venmo’s weekly spending restrictions are computed. This category has fewer entries every day than the others. To guarantee that you can make all of the purchases and transfers you desire on a specific day, you may need to prepare ahead.

For each week, their spending limit is calculated. A seven-day rolling average is used to determine your daily limit. This means if you make a large purchase on Monday, it will remain a portion of your spending limit until next Monday when the rolling week begins again.

When it comes to managing your Venmo account, you should be aware of a few daily restrictions. To begin, ATM, over-the-counter, and cashback withdrawals must be taken into account. Even if your verified Venmo maximum is $6,999.99, you may only withdraw $400 in cash every day, which may come as a shock to you.

Every day, at midnight CST, the cap will be reset. Additionally, you have a daily spending restriction for each vendor. There is a limit of $3,000.00 per day that you may spend on these kinds of transactions. Thirty transactions are allowed each day.

Weekly Rolling Limits

The total amount you can spend each week is based on a weekly spending cap. A transaction counts against your limit for precisely one week after it is authorized. At 11:01 AM on Mondays, for example, any payment you made on Monday at 11:00 a.m. will no longer count towards your limit.

Your Venmo account history, activity, as well as other criteria, including but not limited to, your Venmo Mastercard Debit Card activity, will be taken into consideration when determining your limits. Venmo has complete control over the amount of money that may be transferred.

Can You Increase Your Venmo Limits?

Venmo Limit Per Day
Venmo Limit Per Day

After a user’s verification, Venmo raises the restrictions. There is no way for you to increase your weekly or transactional rolling balance after verification.


As quickly as possible, have your account confirmed. Only your legal name, age, address, tax ID number, and social security number are required to increase your limit.

Is Venmo Safe?

Venmo is one of the safest mobile payment services available. Modern data encryption technology is used to keep your funds safe.

Nobody else can gain access to your profile. Transmitting or receiving money is safe when you use a secure service like BitPay.

Is Venmo FDIC Insured?

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures any funds contributed to Venmo via remote check capture, direct deposit, and cryptocurrency acquisition, according to the company’s user agreement (FDIC). FDIC, on the other hand, does not cover Venmo money that is transferred.

As a result, don’t store an excessive amount of money on Venmo. Your money might be gone forever if Venmo runs into financial trouble or suffers a data breach or bankruptcy without the FDIC backing it up.

Invest your money in FDIC-insured savings account for the long term. As a result, the federal government will cover up to $250,000 of your assets if the financial institution you’ve picked fails.

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