My Life With the Walter Boys Filming Is Due to Begin in April 2022


Netflix is adapting Ali Novak’s coming-of-age novel, ‘My Life with the Walter Boys.’

My Life with the Walter Boys, Ali Novak’s coming-of-age novel, will be adapted for Netflix in the near future. In April 2022, filming is scheduled to begin, but we have yet to learn who the new series’ stars will be.

You can count on us to keep you up to date on the latest My Life with the Walter Boys news, including plot developments, casting announcements, trailer releases, and the premiere date on Netflix’s website.

Created by Melanie Halsall and inspired by Ali Novak’s 2014 novel of the same name, My Life with the Walter Boys is an upcoming Netflix Original family comedy. In June 2021, Variety first reported on the project.

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Ed Glauser (The Kissing Booth, Wanda, and the Alien) and Melanie Halsall (Shaun the Sheep, Dennis & Gnasher) are executive producers of the series, which is produced by Komixx Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television through their respective production companies.

What is the plot of My Life with the Walter Boys?

The synopsis for My Life With the Walter Boys has been sourced from ProductionWeekly:

Jackie is apprehensive about new things. The antithesis of order is chaos, and we must fight it! Be perfect and you’ll get the attention of her busy parents. The perfect daughter: the perfect appearance, the perfect academic performance.

And then there was… First and foremost, a tragic car accident claims the lives of Jackie’s family. In the second surprise, Jackie must relocate to live with the Walters, her new guardians, across the country. The Walters has a total of 12 sons. Parker is only 11 years old, but he still acts like a boy.

Now Jackie has to give up her New York City apartment and Type A personality for a Colorado ranch and the wild Walter boys that accompany it. When you’re surrounded by the enemy, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else because you can’t hear a word anyone is saying. Okay, a few of the older men are simply stunning.

But it’s still a pain. Regardless of what others think, she is anything but stifling or monotonous but proving it is another story. When she has to live up to her parents’ promise of perfection, how can she fit in and move on?

My Life With the Walter Boys
My Life With the Walter Boys

The Walter Boys: My Life with the Walter Boys’ Production Status

Currently, in pre-production, filming is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2022.

On April 11th, 2022, production for My Life with the Walter Boys will begin, according to ProductionWeekly Issue #1289. There will be four months of filming before the end of the project on August 12th, 2022.

In light of the fact that the cast hasn’t yet been announced, it’s possible that the filming dates could change.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is the site of the filming.

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Which My Life with the Walter Boys cast members are you most looking forward to seeing this season?

Although filming is scheduled to begin in less than a month, we have yet to hear any casting news. Because of the story’s plot, we can expect a large cast, with the Walter siblings alone taking up 12 of the roles.

There are still casting calls going on, and some of them have shown up on social media already.

A young actress around the age of 18 or one who can pass for a 15-year-old is still being sought for the lead role of Jackie.

Jackie has been referred to as a “true Manhattanite” because of her character. and she comes from an upper-middle-class family in the Upper West Side of New York City. “Preppy and groomed rather than fashion-forward” is how Jackie describes herself, and she has a passion for theatre and ballet. Despite the upheaval caused by the death of her family and the subsequent relocation to the other side of the continent, Jackie is determined to return to her native New York and attend Princeton.

What is the Netflix release date for My Life with the Walter Boys?

Even though Netflix hasn’t announced a release date yet, we can guess that My Life with the Walter Boys won’t be available until at least the year 2023.

My Life with the Walter Boys has how many episodes?

There will be a total of ten episodes in the first season of My Life with Walter Boys. It’s expected that each episode will clock in at around 50 minutes long.

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