Rivian R1S Release Date, Price, Design, Specs Range & Updates


The Rivian R1S will be the next hot topic from Rivian, an all-electric firm that appears keen to repeat Tesla’s achievements. Rivian appears to be the most promising of all the new manufacturers attempting to emulate that achievement.

Rivian, established in 2009 and located in Irvine, California, has built a skateboard frame that will serve as the foundation for its first two electric cars.

The Rivian R1T electric truck has already begun to hit the road, outpacing competitors such as the Ford F-150 Lightning and Tesla Cybertruck. Its goals, however, do not stop with an all-electric sport utility vehicle, as a faster SUV is on the way. Everything you want and need to know about the Rivian R1S is right here.

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Rivian R1S Price

The Explorer Pack for the R1S now costs $70,000, while the Adventure Pack costs $75,500. Both are up for pre-order with a $1,000 fee right now, but the fully-loaded Launch Edition (also $75,500) is already sold out.

Rivian R1S

 Rivian R1S Release Date

Rivian customers were told in late-2021 that their cars will start arriving from March, although the majority of the first wave of deliveries are expected in the summer and autumn of 2022.

 Rivian R1S Performance and Range

Rivian estimates the R1S can reach 60 mph in 3.0 seconds and has a projected EPA endurance of 316 miles with the big battery package (the only size choice available for now). That’s almost the same as the R1T truck, which also has the same 0-60 time and endurance of 314 miles.

While these are also remarkable numbers, Rivian wants to stress the R1S’s off-road capability. It can pull up to 7,700 pounds and has a diving depth of more than three feet. Both of these values place it roughly in line with the current Land Rover Defender series.

There’s also 14.9 inches of ride height, and Rivian offers the R1S with three tire options: all-terrain, road, and sporting.

The R1S can power at up to 190kW, which again is amazing but falls well short of some of today’s fastest-charging vehicles, such as the 270kW Porsche Taycan. Rivian claims that future versions will be able to reach 200kW and perhaps 300kW.

The ability of Rivian cars to be tow-charged is a brilliant technique. The car can be only linked up to a towing vehicle, such as a big truck, and hauled ahead in an emergency. The gear selector must be in backward, and a light pressure must be given to the accelerator pedal. As a result, the energy released may be supplied into the battery.

Rivian is also developing it’s own high-speed charging infrastructure, following Tesla’s path. Instead of depending solely on unreliable open networks, Rivian customers will have accessibility to the company’s chargers. These chargers will initially be restricted to Rivian vehicles, but they will be made available to non-Rivian vehicles in the future.

Rivian intends to build up its system of 200kW chargers over much of the United States and Canada by 2023, to eventually increase their power to 300kW.

 Rivian R1S Design

Rivian’s four-motor powertrain powers the R1S. Unlike many other electric cars, which have one, two, or three motors, Rivian’s approach allows for exact control and adjustment of power distribution to each wheel.

This should offer the Rivian R1S remarkable off-road capabilities, with torque vectoring employed to tune out understeer and oversteer, maintaining the car in control on and off-road, as well as while driving through snow.

When compared to more traditional off-roading configurations, Rivian claims their quad-motor architecture provides “much greater torque management than locking divergences, and they’re instantaneously changeable for any scenario.”

The front axle is driven by a 415 horsepower and 413 ft-lb torque drive motor, while the rear axle is somewhat stronger, with 420 hp and 495 ft-lb.

The Rivian platform also has an autonomous unmanned foundation with six inches of vertical movement, allowing the car to be lowered for greater highway aerodynamics and raised for increased ground clearance while off-roading.

When pulling, the mechanism may also be adjusted to assist level the R1S. Furthermore, every five milliseconds, the car detects the road and user inputs and changes the suspension appropriately.

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Rivian R1S Interior

The inside of the R1S includes seven seats divided into three rows. The interface has a huge landscape-intended touchscreen display, LTE and Wi-Fi connection, wireless charging, up to 8 Connectors, three 12V outlets, and two 120V plugs. The Rivian operating system includes the Alexa speech assistant, and Meridian provides the additional Rivian Elevation sound system.

A big panoramic glass roof is also included, and Rivian claims an optional detachable roof for open-air exploration will be available in mid-2022. The seats are composed of vegan imitation leather, and consumers may select from a variety of style packages that include hardwood or matte-finished materials.

The R1S is available with five or seven seats, but as with any decent SUV, the rear seating sections can be collapsed entirely flat. As per Rivian, doing so allows for up to 104 cubic feet of storage systems. The front trunk, the standard trunk/cargo space, a rear storage box, and extra compartments behind the seats and center console are all part of this space.

 Rivian R1S Autonomous Driving

Revision is building Driver+ in the same way that Tesla is creating Autopilot. Driver+, which comes standard on all Rivian vehicles, is a hands-free intelligent vehicle technology that provides level 2 self-driving characteristics, which means the car can manage steering and speed at the very same time. Rivian, on the other hand, is cautious not to characterize the technology as “autonomous,” since level 2 is still far from full driver-free independence.

The Driver+ system captures a 360-degree image of the vehicle’s surrounds using 11 cameras, five radars, and 12 ultrasonic sensors, as well as an inside camera to check driver attention.

On specified highways, the Highway aid feature handles steering, braking, and speed, while lane-changing assist can allow you to move lanes more quickly. Adaptive cruise control, which controls your car’s distance and speed but not its steering, is also accessible.

There are other features such as automated sudden braking, lane-keeping to prevent you from accidentally sliding out of your lane, parking assist, and warnings for when cars are in your blind area. Rivian says that further features will be provided in upcoming over-the-air software upgrades.

 Rivian R1S: Extra Features

Rivian enjoys imagining its clients using their automobiles on off-road excursions. To that aim, the firm supplies roof bars for transporting objects such as surfboards, as well as a roof-mounted tent for camping in your car.

In addition, the carmaker sells a $2,000 off-road upgrade kit that includes a stronger underbody cover for the front of the R1S as well as a set of front-mounted tow anchors to help drivers get out of danger when off-roading.

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The Bottom Line

Rivian has indeed established itself as a major player in the field of electric vehicles. Not only did it build the first large voltage truck in the United States, but it certainly has no plans to stop there.

In reality, the business has already received thousands of pre-orders, increased its personnel base in 2021, and plans to construct 10,000 electric delivery vehicles for Amazon by the end of 2022. The Rivian R1S is only the next step in what is anticipated to be a long-term strategy.

So far, the Rivian R1S checks a lot with the same checks as the R1T, which partially explains that the alterations are primarily superficial. That’s hardly a terrible thing, given the R1largely T’s good reaction thus far. Only time can tell if the R1S will be regarded as one of the greatest electric vehicles, but things are looking well so far.


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