Seasonreal Housewives of the Beverly Hills 12: Everything We Know About It

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has garnered a lot of love and fame amongst the fans. The star-studded and a peek in the private lives of the celebrities have got everyone’s attention and the inquisitiveness is unprecedented, the 11 successful seasons and a twelfth one soon to release says a story of success.

Season 11 was released in four parts, which sure was unprecedented, and as this article is written, season 11 is towards its end and the talks of the contents and cast of the same are on the rise.

The shooting for the twelfth season has already begun and that too at a great pace. The excitement in the fans can be manifested by the fact that they are not even a single detail is going unnoticed by the fans, they have spotted the production crew in the background of the social media post of the celebrity cast.

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Bravo, the producer of the series has reportedly wasted no time and instantly got back to the process of production a lot was happening in the lives of the cast members which was worth telling on screen and especially Erika Jane’s divorce and the current continuing legal controversy which includes her ex-husband Tom Girardi.

We have seen the monetization of the personal stories and experiences by the makers in the past and in the first part of the reunion, we saw the host of the show questioning Erika on the alleged crimes done by Tom Girardi and is she involved in any of it in any way.

This episode garnered high attention and viewership and had almost one and a half million views. However, Erika denied any involvement or knowledge in the alleged claims of embezzlement made against Tom.

We have collected some facts and information on the twelfth season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, so just fasten up your seat belts for a short trip of information and to satiate your inquisitiveness.

Season 12 Release Date the Real Housewives of the Beverly Hills

Fans today, more specifically the hardcore fans are eagle eyes and leave no detail, story and make a logical theory around it.

This time fans saw the production crews in the background of the picture posted by the cast members of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, these posts were spotted in the early part of the month of October, the production for all the previous seasons have begun more or less in this timeline only and have finished with the shooting only to be released in the following spring. Hence, the twelfth season is expected to release in the spring of 2022.

Will Erika Jayne Be on the Real Housewives of the Beverly Hills Season 12?

The legal team of Erika has advised to not to be a part of the coming season but she has urged back that she was the part of the show when the claimed events allegedly happened during that is during season 11  and hence there arises no logic in dropping the show now.

Moreover, she said that she has nothing to hide and she is not at all a quitter and further added that she is not going to let anything affect her professional commitments.  

Season real Housewives of the Beverly Hills 12
Season real Housewives of the Beverly Hills 12

A reliable source of ours has also claimed Erika’s return for season 12. It is also claimed that Erika would want the fans to see the fun and loving side of hers which the fans adored in the initial seasons before all this ruckus followed her.

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However, given the fact that it is a reality show, and controversies are the most craved content of every reality drama. Hence we expect that a lot of focus will be on Erica and her ongoing legal battle and divorce and the show will try to portray how she is putting through all this and Erika also will be counting on the show to free herself from the dark side of the eclipse.

Erika once told in one of her interviews given to a big media agency that is not planning on quitting the show until it becomes boring and lacks the fun. This was in May 2020 but after hell broke loose on Erika, she is not in a mood to let go of her professionalism or the show.

The Real Housewives of the Beverly Hills Season 12  Cast

It is most probable that the complete cast from season 11 will make their return to the screens which includes:

  • Erika
  • Garcelle Beauvais
  •  Kyle Richards
  •  Lisa Rinna
  •  Dorit Kemsley
  •  Sutton Stracke
  •  Crystal Kung Minkoff
  •  Kathy Hilton

Apart from the above, some old faces are going to make a return for the show while some new faces may also join the franchise.

In one of the interviews given in another reality shoe, Garcelle said that Denise Richards wants to make a return on the sets of the show and be a part of the twelfth season but her return would mean going away of another current cast member and which will be Lisa, as they had a history which is not pleasant at all. The season 12 premiere will only tell what will follow.

However, as far as the new faces that may be added, there is a strong possibility of Leah Remini joining the show. Remember fans that this addition has a ‘may’ in it and the source which claims this claim has an unreliable history

The Real Housewives of the Beverly Hills Season 12 Trailer

Traditionally, the trailer/teaser releases a month before the official release of the season so let’s hope to see a trailer in the month of March-April, 2022. We will keep updating any information or new development so stay tuned with us.

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