SEAL Team Season 5 Release Date Cast Plot Trailer and latest updates.

SEAL Team is an American action military television drama series created by Benjamin Cavell. The show is produced by CBS studios and stars David Boreanaz, Jessica Paré, Max Thieriot, A. J. Buckley, Neil Brown Jr., Judd Lormand, Toni Trucks where they have portrayed an elite unit of United States Navy SEALs and the entire series revolves around them. The first episode of the first season of SEAL Team aired on CBS on 27th September 2017 and last on 16th May 2018 and consisted of 22 episodes.

On 27tjh March 2018, CBS officially announced the renewal of the series for the second season, the first episode of which premiered on 3rd October 218, and concluded on 22nd May 2019, and also consisted of 22 episodes. After receiving lots of positive responses, the third season was also confirmed, and the first episode of which aired on 2nd October 2019 and last on 6th May 2020 but Cavell and Redlich stepped down as executive producer and John Glenn replaced him. The fourth season aired on 2nd December 2020 and concluded on 26th May 2021.

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We know all the fans love the series and the show also has an IMDB rating of 7.6 out of 10 and 70% on rotten tomatoes. Here’s everything we know so far, read out the full article to catch all the latest updates.

SEAL Team Season 5 Release Date

In May 2021 only, the renewal of the series for the fifth season was announced, and also mentioned that the show will now move to Paramount+ from CBS, but finally, they decided to premiere a few initial episodes on CBS and then release all the episodes on Paramount+. So, we are here with the date of release and the fifth season is all to premiere on 10th October 2021. It has been announced that the first four episodes will premiere on CBS and the rest 10 episodes on Paramount+.

SEAL Team Season 5 Cast

SEAL Team Season 5
SEAL Team Season 5

There is no official announcement concerning the prospective cast of SEAL Team Season 5 but we may expect to see the following characters in the upcoming series. Check out the names below:

  • David Boreanaz in the role of Jason Hayes
  • Max Thieriot in the role of Clay Spenser
  • Neil Brown Jr. in the role of Ray Perry
  • A.J. Buckley in the role of Sonny Quinn
  • Toni Trucks in the role of Lisa Davis
  • Tyler Grey in the role of Trent
  • Justin Melnick in the role of Brock
  • Judd Lormand in the role of Lt. Commander Eric Blackburn
  • Jessica Pare in the role of Mandy Ellis
  • Dita The Hair Missile Dog in the role of Cerberus
  • Scott Foxx in the role of Scott Carter
  • Parisa Fakhri in the role of Naima Perry
  • Alona Tal in the role of Stella
  • Kerri Medders in the role of Emma Hayes
  • Jamie McShane in the role of Captain Lindell
  • Emily Swallow in the role of Natalie Pierce
  • Kaliayh Rhambo in the role of Jameelah
  • Tim Chiou in the role of Michael – Thirty Mike – Chen
  • Michael Irby in the role of Adam
  • Ammon Jacob Ford in the role of Michael Hayes
  • Michaela McManus in the role of Alana Hayes
  • Lucca De Oliveira in the role of Vic Lopez
  • Adelaide Kane in the role of Rebecca Bowen
  • Dan Briggs in the role of Derek
  • Mike Wade in the role of Lt. Wes Soto
  • Michael McGrady in the role of Captain Harrington
  • Mark Semos in the role of John TJ Monero
  • Shiva Negar in the role of Mina Hassan
  • Rachel Boston in the role of Hannah Oliver
  • Ruffin Prentiss in the role of Summer Kairos
  • Darren Pettie in the role of Paul Mulwray
  • Dawn Olivieri in the role of Amy Nelson
  • C. Thomas Howell in the role of Ash Spenser
  • Roman Mitichyan in the role of Fadal Tango
  • Tamala Jones in the role of Gunnery Sergeant Miller
  • Mirelly Taylor in the role of Rita
  • Bobby Daniel Rodriguez in the role of Lt. Juan Lopez
  • James Ransone in the role of Reiss Julian
  • Coby Bell in the role of Glen Mack
  • Tony Curran in the role of Brett Swann
  • Judie Garcia in the role of News Anchor
  • Felix Solis in the role of Col. Martinez

SEAL Team Season 5 Plot

As we all know that the series is based on the military in which the story shows Navy Seal units who serve for the country and perform their duties diligently, they are provided with special training so that the force can fight with enemies fearlessly on the battlefield. It is known by every individual that when a person joins any such force they are not bothered even if their lives are in danger, they have to be so strong.

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As we see in the fourth season of the series Jason Hayes deals with some serious allegations which destroy his reputation. Further, we expect to see the fate of David Boreanaz in the upcoming season, there is nothing revealed about the synopsis of SEAL Team Season 5 officially so we need to wait until further announcement.

SEAL Team Season 5 Trailer

The official trailer of SEAL Team Season 5 was released on YouTube on 23rd September 2021. Click on the link below to watch the full trailer.


SEAL Team is such one series that can never disappoint their audiences and the series will be a must-watch. Stay tuned for more updates.

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