Taboo Season 2 Release Date Cast Plot Trailer and Latest news

Taboo is a BBC historical crime drama television series directed by Kristoffer Nyholm and Anders Engstrom. The series was produced by Hardy Son & Baker and Scott Free London, created by Tom Hardy, his father, Chips Hardy, and Steven Knight, and is inspired by a story written by Tom and Chips Hardy. The series had been divided into eight parts set in 1814, starting with James Delaney coming back to England after spending 12 long years in Africa along with fourteen robbed diamonds. After the demise of his father and also because the battle with the United States is about to end. The series followed the worst side of London in the 19th century, from the corruption in politics and business, the gangs, the hardship of the working class, and the wealth increases among only the rich. 

We know our audience and series fans are excited to know about Taboo Season 2. Here we have got everything we know so far, read out the full article to stay updated.

Taboo Season 2 Release Date

As of now, there is no report of even making of Taboo Season 2 so we don’t expect any release of even a glimpse in the near time as Tom Hardy confirmed that he is busy with franchise Venom and this is his current priority though he also confirmed that he is excited for Taboo Season 2 but he has some other work commitments right now. For those who don’t know about season 1, Taboo Season 1 first premiered on BBC One on 7th January 2017 in the United States and on FX on 10th January 2017 in the United States. Earlier the filming for season 2 was supposed to begin in the first quarter of 2018.

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Taboon Season 1 received many positive reviews and has an IMDB rating of 8.4 out of 10.

Taboo Season 2 Cast

As confirmed by Tom Hardy, he will come back in the second season and extend his relationship for serving British drama series with BBC One and FX in 2018. Honestly, this is not a surprise for all the viewers because Tom Hardy is the person who created the wonderful series along with his father and Chip Hardy. Until now there is no official announcement regarding the probable cast of Taboo Season 2 but we expect the cast from the previous season will return for the second season as well, check out the names of few characters who may be seen in Taboo Season 2.

Taboo Season 2
Taboo Season 2

Tom Hardy, Leo Bill, Oona Chaplin, Jessie Buckley, Stephen Graham, David Hayman, Jefferson Hall, Edward Hogg, Michael Kelly, Franka Potente, Tom Hollander, Jonathan Pryce, Marina Hands, Nicholas Woodeson, and Jason Watkins. We may see certain additional characters for supporting and recurring casts. These are only speculations based on probabilities, we hope to get a confirmation for the awaited series since it’s already been more than 3 years since the release of season one.

Taboo Season 2 Plot

Before getting into the prospective storyline of the second season let us leap into the plot of season one. In the first season, the story revolves all-around James Delaney, who is a smuggler and returned to his motherland after 12 long years, disheartened because his rich father left nothing for him in his will, and then he was determined to get his inheritance back. He then gets into the battle with the East India Company and in most of season one, the latter tries to kill Delaney before he succeeds to elope on a ship setting sail for America. 

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The exciting end of season one left every viewer more demanding for the second season and Steven Knight also confirmed that there will be the second season. We know that ultimately the story will follow Delaney and his team into the “New World” and their next stopover will be Ponta Delgada which is in the Azores, a remote group of Portuguese islands in the center of the Atlantic Ocean. 

In 2017, Knight explained “Taboo” as being a story about “misfits and America”, so Delaney will eventually end up in the States. Knight had also described his plans to wrap up the series after Season 3. He stated the first season as “the escape” the second one as “the journey” and the third and last one as “the arrival” which somehow signifies that the casts may not be able to see the shores of America till the end of the show.

Taboo Season 2 Trailer

There is no filming started yet as we know so no trailer is released yet. We expect to get any updates but not before 2020. We know the audience has been waiting for the second season since 2017 but we may need to wait for more.


The story left every fan curious for the second one but we don’t know when the makers will get their hands on the making of the second season of the series. Although the second season will surely be there as confirmed by reports.

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