How to Backup and Restore PlayStation 5 File?

The PlayStation 5 comes with a fast SSD hard drive, one of the fastest hard drives available today. But this does not mean that the files on it are protected or that you will not run into a problem that requires restoring all system files and games to install again. The PlayStation 4 has previously suffered from a system crash issue. You can resolve these issues by reinstalling the system and losing games stored on it. But how to do it on a new system that too without losing the data?

How to Take a Backup Copy of the Playstation 5 Files?

Sony provides you with an official tool built into the system that allows you to backup your system and game files installed on it.

You can access and use the tool by following these steps:

First, go to the device settings, then to the system settings

After that, click on Choose Backup and Restore.

And if you want to take a backup, click on the option to take a backup copy of the PlayStation 5.

Then connect your external USB disk to the device, and then the system asks you to choose the files you want to backup.

You can choose to backup all game files and save files available on your device, as well as photos and videos.

And then press Next to have the system display the backup data, such as the name in addition to the size it occupies.

When the device is finished restarting and taking the backup, remove the USB disk.

And the PlayStation Plus subscription offers automatic backups of game save files, so subscribers do not need these steps.

We also recommend that you do not back up your game installation files. Because game files may exceed 100GB in size.

Steps to Restore the Backup

You can restore the backup you took by following the previous steps. Until you have the choice between making a backup and restoring it.

But press Restore Backup this time and then connect the USB disk where we put the backup.

After that, choose the type of files you want to restore from the copy on the disk. Press OK to start the recovery process.

You should not interrupt the process of restoring the backup to protect the hard disk from damage.

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