The Autopsy Reveals That Lauren Bradshaw Died In A Car Crash In Utah

The following is an obituary for Lauren Bradshaw. Autopsy Reveals Lauren Bradshaw’s Cause of Death On May 12th, 2017, 37-year-old Lauren Washam Bradshaw passed away at Providence Saint John’s Medical Center in Santa Monica, California.

It was there that she spent the majority of her formative years after her birth on September 8, 1982. After graduating from Edina High School with a degree in political science and a minor in creative arts in 2001, she enrolled at Boston College. Upon graduation, she moved to Austin, Texas, where she found work in the graphic design industry.

On May 30, 2011, Ryan and Lauren could be found in the concession line for the Chicago Cubs game. Lauren’s true love would turn out to be Ryan. They’d both been living abroad and were new to Chicago, so this was definitely out of the ordinary. They took great pleasure in bringing up the fact that we won while the Cubs lost. lauren bradshaw obituary.

Because of her relationship with Ryan, Lauren uprooted her life and moved to Los Angeles in July of 2012. She decided to combine her graphic design skills with her passion for helping others by volunteering for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN).

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What Happened To Lauren Bradshaw?

She started out as a designer and is now the head of Creative Services. Lauren and Ryan got married in a beautiful outdoor wedding at Pinecrest Chalet in Pinecrest, California on May 29, 2016. For three days, they party with their closest friends and family in honour of their wedding.

After relocating to Redondo Beach, California, Wyatt, Daisy, and Lauren quickly became the hosts of choice for their many friends. Lauren was diagnosed with sarcoma, a rare and ultimately fatal form of cancer, in June 2019. The cost of her treatment surpassed a million dollars and lasted for almost a year. Her input was crucial in determining the most appropriate setting and approach to her care.

She tackled each therapy with a can-do attitude and a “Bring it on” mentality. It’s possible that her constant positivity in the face of adversity was an effort to keep the spirits of the many supporters alive. The cancer was too aggressive, and ultimately, the medicines weren’t able to slow its progression. lauren bradshaw obituary.

Lauren handled every challenge with confidence, perseverance, and grace. She has been and will continue to be a tremendous influence because of the love, bravery, and optimism she displayed in the face of the most hard situations.

What Was Lauren Bradshaw Cause Of Death – Autopsy Result

Lauren placed a high value on her interpersonal connections. She loved her relatives near and far, therefore she made an effort to see them as often as possible. She loved her grandparents dearly and was very close to them. There was never a place she lived or travelled to where she didn’t make close, lifelong friends.

She was everyone’s best friend. She gave careful consideration to every person she met, seeking to ease their concerns by validating them, encouraging them, sharing with them, and praising them for simply being alive. Just like her paternal great-grandfather, she was always asking, “What can I do for you?” Whenever you were with her, you felt better. Lauren was looked to as a source of inspiration and hope by many of the chemotherapy patients, including some she did not know well. lauren bradshaw obituary.

She had a way of lifting people’s spirits with simple, empathetic conversations that focussed on whatever ailed them. Lauren was bound to assist others since she cared for them so deeply. She was a middle school aide for students with disabilities. During her time in high school and college, she went on six trips to Appalachia to help restore homes with the Appalachia Service Project. She chose Boston College because of the Jesuit philosophy and the opportunities for service she would have there.

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Lauren Bradshaw Obituary And Funeral

In her position at PanCAN, she was able to put her desire to help those with cancer into action. When it came to privilege and injustice that hurt others, Lauren had little patience. Lauren was a shining illustration of what a great life could be like and how it could change the world. We’re all better individuals for having known her.

In remembrance of Lauren, whose close college friends shared her deep bond and zest for life, they coined the phrase “Live Like Lauren.” Every person she ever met has found some sort of motivation in her. Her first cousins, Amy Scism Kerr (Evan) of Charlotte, North Carolina, and Andy Scism (Mehrak) of Redondo Beach, California, as well as her parents Jack and Ware Washam of Edina, Minnesota. lauren bradshaw obituary.

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