Black Mirror Season 6: The Return Of The Netflix Series

Fans of existential dread, rejoice: if living in our current dystopian hellscape hasn’t given you enough, Netflix has you covered with a plethora of original series and films that will satisfy your gloomy cravings. The sixth season of the popular science fiction anthology “Black Mirror” is in the works, and it will feature the usual elements of the Charlie Brooker-created series: dark ideas, a hefty budget, and a stacked cast.

There will be multiple episodes delivered to us once more, all of which will explore the dark side of technology and the human condition. What more unspeakable atrocities can human ingenuity produce after memory databases and virtual sex with polar bears? The fate of “Black Mirror” has been in doubt ever since Netflix released the fifth season in 2019.

After years of working together through their production firm, House of Tomorrow, series creator Charlie Brooker and executive producer Annabel Jones will part ways in January 2020 to launch a new venture (Broke and Bones). The rights to “Black Mirror” remained with parent firm Endemol Shine Group after the acquisition of that company by Banijay Group in the summer of 2016, despite the fact that a long-term contract was also arranged with Netflix.

For all of these reasons, Brooker and Jones were unable to create new seasons for Netflix without first reaching an agreement with Banijay. In the absence of any news on the matter for two years, viewers naturally assumed that the show’s run had ended. It appears, however, that an agreement was reached between the two studios, as season 6 of “Black Mirror” has been confirmed. black mirror season 6.

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When And Where To Watch Black Mirror Season 6

It comes as no surprise that a premiere date has not been determined for the next sixth season, considering news of it has only recently broken. Our best prediction is that fresh episodes of “Black Mirror” will be available to watch sometime in 2023 (a 2022 release date would be wishful thinking).

While the first two seasons of “Black Mirror” originally aired on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, the show was later purchased by Netflix and moved there permanently. The popularity of the show has been increased because to the streaming service, which has made it accessible to a wider audience and given fans the chance to witness the horrifying truth behind each episode for themselves. black mirror season 6.

What We Think Black Mirror Season 6 Will Be About

Variety broke the news of a sixth season of “Black Mirror,” but plot specifics were scant. While the specifics of the episodes have yet to be revealed, Season 4 is said to have a more “cinematic” scope, with each episode being treated as a short film. This is consistent with how the anthology series has always operated, especially since shifting to Netflix, where episodes often clock in at over 60 minutes and boast excellent production values.

Compared to the previous season, this one is anticipated to last longer (which only included three episodes). Nothing is certain about the plot. Charlie Brooker expressed after the fifth season what we were all thinking: “Who could stomach a new season of ‘Black Mirror’ when we’re virtually living through an episode ourselves?” In an interview with Radio Times in the United Kingdom, he was asked whether he had been able to channel his grief over the past five years into new scripts.

Or is there a chance that this season will be drastically different from the ones before it? The upcoming season may not even have Brooker penning it. In any case, only time will tell, but in the meanwhile, the extended break seems like it may yield very good results. Since viewers and producers have taken some time apart from “Black Mirror,” the show now has the freedom to try something fresh. black mirror season 6.

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Black Mirror Season 6 Cast

The cast of “Black Mirror” has always been crucial to the success of the show. The anthology has a knack for spotting performers on the cusp of major success, or for drawing A-listers and providing work that is more than adequate for their abilities. A promising lineup of guest stars suggests that the sixth season will keep up the momentum.

To name just a few, Zazie Beetz (“Bullet Train,” “Atlanta”), Paapa Essiedu (“Men”), Josh Hartnett (“Oppenheimer”), Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad,” “Dual”), Kate Mara (“Call Jane,” “A Teacher”), Danny Ramirez (“Top Gun Maverick”), Clara Rugaard (“Press Play”), Auden Thornton (“This Is Us”), and Anjana Vasan (“The Good (“Killing Eve”). Afterward, it was revealed that Rob Delaney (from “Catastrophe” and “Deadpool 2”), “Industry” star Myha’la Herrold, and Rory Culkin would also be joining the cast (of “Signs” fame). black mirror season 6.

Both Salma Hayek (“Eternals”) and Annie Murphy (“Schitt’s Creek”), from what we can gather from Variety, are “in talks” to join the cast for the upcoming season. Regarding the manufacturing process, no details have been confirmed. Considering that Charlie Brooker not only founded “Black Mirror,” but also wrote 23 of its 24 episodes, it is safe to assume that he will continue to collaborate with Netflix on the series. However, as of this writing, there was no mention of Season 6 writers or directors in the Variety article.

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