Judge Steve Harvey Season 2: Will There Be A Season 2?

Ryan Polito is in charge of the camera on Judge Steve Harvey, an American reality court comedy show centered on the world of arbitration. It debuted on ABC on January 4, 2022, with Steve Harvey as host. Besides Brandon Williams, Jesse Ignjatovic, Jared Morrell, Evan Prager, and Myeshia Mizuno, Harvey serves as executive producer. The show was picked up for a second season in April 2022 and will soon return for its second installment. How about a release date for season two? What sort of structure will this have? Who, if any, from their original casts will return? If you want to find out more, read on! Judge Steve Harvey Season 2.

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Judge Steve Harvey Format And Cast

Unlike other courtroom dramas on television, this one features people bringing their problems to Judge Steve Harvey. There is no fixed subject matter for the cases presented before the courts.

The variety of agreements, from marriage to divorce to friendship to any other type of agreement, makes it so attractive. Steve does not make decisions on the cases without consulting with his trusted Bailiff, Nancy, and using his innate intelligence and rationality to arrive at the best possible outcomes for the disputes.

Judge Steve Harvey Season 2
Judge Steve Harvey Season 2

Although we have yet to receive a plot summary for Season 2, you can be assured that you will have a blast because Steve Harvey will still be the judge. The show’s protagonist is, unsurprisingly given the title Judge Steve Harvey. Nancy Price, who provides the essential instructions to the audience at the start of each episode, joins Judge Judy and The Bailiff to round out the cast.

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Judge Steve Harvey Season 2 Release Date

The show was picked up for a second season in April of 2022. We could see the show premiere around the middle of 2023 if production runs smoothly. There were 12 episodes in the first season, which was 42 minutes long. Season two might be better than the first or about the same.

Season one debuted on January 4, 2022, and has a 9/10 rating on IMDB. Den of Thieves and Disney Branded Television co-produced the show.

Judge Steve Harvey Season 2 Trailer

There has not yet been a teaser for Season 2 of Judge Steve Harvey show. Right now, you can view the season one trailer right here.

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