Them Season 2: When Will It Come Out?

Them season 2: Them is a horror anthology series on American television. Viewers have shown overwhelming support for the Them TV show. IMDb users rated it 7.30 out of 10. Drama, terror, and suspense abound in this work. To learn everything there is to know about Them Season 2, be sure to read the whole article.

Them is a TV series about a Black family who moves into an all-white LA neighborhood and faces threats from both local and extraterrestrial enemies. Little Marvin is responsible for the creation of the show Them. Ashley Thomas, Shahadi Wright Joseph, and Deborah Ayorinde star.

The creators of Them include Little Marvin, Christina Ham, Korde Arrington Tuttle, Francine Volpe, Dominic Orlando, David Matthews, Seth Zvi Rosenfield, and Sarah Cho. Daniel Stamm, Ti West, Janicza Bravo, and Nelson Cragg all have directing credits.

The ten episodes that make up the first season of Them are titled as follows: “DAY 1,” “DAY 3,” “DAY 4,” “DAY 6,” “COVENANT I.,” “DAY 7—MORNING,” “DAY 7—NIGHT,” “DAY 9—COVENANT II.,” and “DAY 10.”

The second season of Them will probably have ten episodes as well. What follows shall be seen. The number of episodes in Them’s upcoming second season will be updated as soon as we receive confirmation.

Creators Little Marvin, David Matthews, Roy Lee, Miri Yoon, Lena Waithe, Don Kurt, Nelson Cragg, Larysa Kondracki, and Michael Connolly all had hands in the production of the Them television show as executive producers.

Dominic Orlando and Michael Nelson are to thank for producing it. Episodes of Them typically run between 33 and 55 minutes. Sony Pictures Television, Amazon Studios, Vertigo Entertainment, Hillman Grad Productions, and Odd Man Out all collaborated on the television series Them.

Them was a show that was released by Amazon Studios. The second season of Them is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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Them Season 2: Announced or Not?

No date has been set for the premiere of Season 2 of Them. We anticipate confirmation to come quickly. The likelihood of an official confirmation of Them Season 2 is very high. Them, like many other shows, is likely to be picked up for a second season soon.

Perhaps an announcement for Them Season 2 will be made soon on Amazon Prime Video. What follows shall be seen. Information on Them Season 2 will be added if and when it becomes available. Please keep this webpage in your regular rotation of web destinations. In this article, we will discuss the actors who will be returning for Season 2 of Them.

Them Season 2 Cast

  • Livia “Lucky” portrayed by Deborah Ayorinde.
  • As Elizabeth “Betty” Bennet, Emory Alison Pill excels. Wendell
  • Playing Gracie Emory, Melody Hurd
  • “Henry Emory,” played by Ashley Thomas
  • Dr. Shahadi Wright As Ruby Lee Emory, Joseph
  • As George Bell, Ryan Kwanten
  • The Woman (Dale Dickey)
  • Clarke, played by Liam McIntyre Wendell
  • Midge Pruitt, portrayed by Lindsey Kraft
  • Replacing Marty Dixon, Pat Healy is Pat Dixon
  • Cast as Helen Koistra, Brooke Smith
  • Calvin, played by Malcolm Mays
  • John Performer: Patrick Jordan as Earl
  • Misty Rogers (Dirk Rogers)
  • Actor Abbie Cobb as Nat Dixon
  • Max Barsness as Dale Pruitt
  • Carol Lynn Denton, played by Kim Shaw
  • Starring Bailey Noble as Marlene
  • Sergeant Bull Wheatley is played by Derek Phillips.
  • As Stuart Berks, P.J. Byrne
  • A. Sophie Guest as Doris
  • Tim Russ, The Keeper
  • Starring Ryan Kennedy as Gary
  • “The Black Hat Man,” played by Christopher Heyerdahl
  • Da Tap Dance Man, Jeremiah Birkett
  • Hazel Emory, played by Paula Jai Parker
  • Cynthia J. (Sheria Irving) and Junius Emory (Mallory McCree)

Them Season 1 Review

The first season of They was quite well-received by critics. It appears that the audience reception to the second season of Them will also be positive. It has been established that Henry has a job in the first season of Them. Meanwhile, Ruby heads off to class, and Lucky and Gracie visit the local hardware store.

When that’s done, Lucky makes a pie. Henry takes the ladies by complete surprise. Lucky visits Hazel later on. However, Betty leaves an impression on people. At a later time, Lucky rides the bus to see Helen.

A secret is then revealed between Ruby and Doris. When Lucky meets Ella Mae. Helen then begins her new job, and the Emorys relocate out of North Carolina. While Henry and his new pal have a beer, Lucky styles Gracie’s hair. When it’s later, Ruby goes on a date and Betty calls a pal.


Betty drops at George’s house while Henry takes a stroll. Henry makes a discovery while Hazel meets up with Lucky. Earl and Marty then have a conversation while George prepares a chicken for dinner.

Everyone, including Henry and the girls, has returned. What follows shall be seen. Information we get regarding the plot of Them Season 2 will be included here. So, please make regular visits to this site. Let’s discuss when you may expect to see the second season of Them, Them, on television.

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Them Season 2 Release Date

A premiere date for Season 2 of Them has not been announced as of yet. Given the recent news that They will be returning for a second season, we anticipate an announcement shortly.

Them Season 2 Trailer

No Season 2 teaser for Them has been made available as of yet. With the second season of Them officially greenlit, perhaps its debut is imminent. Here’s the first season of Them’s official trailer, which we can all enjoy together. Amazon Prime Video made it available on March 22, 2021. Read on to find out where you can see it.

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