The Rig Season 2: When Will It Return On BBC?

the rig season 2: We’re not complaining that Martin Compston is suddenly popping up everywhere. In addition to his recent return to the BBC for the Scottish drama Mayflies, the hero of Amazon’s high-octane production The Rig, Tom Hardy, is pitted against a bizarre fog (both stories take place right off the Scottish coast, on the Kinloch Bravo oil rig).

A weird and sudden storm prevents the crew of an oil rig from returning home, and it soon becomes evident that there is something far more supernatural at work. The January 6 premiere of all six episodes on the streaming service will have viewers wondering if a second season is in the works. the rig season 2.

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The Rig Season 2 Potential Release Date

A second season of the mystery thriller has not yet been confirmed, and there is very little information regarding the show’s future that is currently available so close to the launch. The series’ popularity and audience interest in more of the plot will likely determine this.

At the earliest, we could be looking at early 2024 if there is to be a continuation, so plan accordingly. With director John Strickland (Bodyguard, Line of Duty) at the helm and a cast that includes actors from those shows as well as Game of Thrones, Unforgotten, and Schitt’s Creek, this has all the makings of a smash.

the rig season 2
the rig season 2

The Rig Season 2 Cast

The amazing cast has been extremely outspoken about how much they enjoy performing in the play, however, it is still too early to tell who might be invited back for a second run.

Actor Martin Compston, who plays Fulmer Hamilton in the premiere season, has discussed what initially piqued his interest in the role. The scope of the project “was what I found interesting,” he said to Metro after discussing it with director John Strickland.

In terms of scope, it is the most ambitious project I have ever led. The sentiment was shared by Rochenda Sandall, his co-star in both The Rig and Line of Duty. “The level of detail was superb, and the sheer size of them was mind-boggling. When you say you pushed and pulled substantial weight to open the rig doors, you mean it.”

The satellite dishes had pigeon poop all over them and rust spots that looked like they had been painted on. The art department’s efforts were absolutely mind-boggling; I’ve never seen anything like that “to The Herald, she remarked.

Compston, recalling the time his character was set on fire, said it was one of his “more intriguing days at work.” Actors “spend a lot of time sitting about drinking tea,” he said to GQ, “so I try to be a bit physical when I can.” “That situation was hilarious; I could hear them debating whether to ask him or not and so I asked, “Are you going to set me on fire or not?”

the rig season 2
the rig season 2

What happened was pretty amusing. Even though I was on fire, I didn’t feel a thing at first, and then it started to get a little bit hot, which was evidently not supposed to happen, but I continued going because nobody said to stop, so I figured it would be fine.

When they saw what was going on, they rushed over with blankets and fire hoses. I managed to get a nice tan on my back, but in what other profession would it be a perk? Again, I needed to perform a take.”

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The Rig Season 2 Location

Iain Glen, the actor in Amazon’s The Rig, recently spoke out on the show’s unique status as Amazon’s first original series shot entirely in Scotland. He told The Herald that writing about his own people and country made him feel a special responsibility. “You care in a little different manner because you’re depicting your people, your country,” he said.

Co-star Mark Bonnar chimed in, saying, “It’s lovely to see the blossoming of Scotland for this kind of activity.” “Especially since it was written by a local author and features a predominantly local cast. That’s great, it makes me happy to see that taking place.” Since Scotland plays such a crucial role in the narrative, it seems to reason that future seasons of The Rig will also focus there.

The Rig Season 2 Trailer

Because it has not yet been given the go-ahead, it is far too early to see a trailer or teaser clip for season two. Season one is all you have for now. But be assured that we’ll update you as soon as we learn more.

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