damar hamlin illness: Doctors Give Update On His Condition

damar Hamlin illness: On Thursday, the University of Cincinnati Medical Center updated the status of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, 24 days after he had cardiac arrest during the team’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football.

Although Hamlin is still in critical condition in the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU), medical staff have observed remarkable improvement in his health over the past 48 hours, culminating in Hamlin’s ability to speak in writing and establish that he was “neurologically intact.”

Doctors reported that shortly after Hamlin showed symptoms of consciousness, he requested in writing who had won Monday night’s game. Doctors told Hamlin, “You won the game of life,” in light of his extraordinary recovery in recent days, even if his long-term prognosis is still uncertain.

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The University of Cincinnati’s medical personnel, who were on hand Monday night, lauded the on-field medical staff for their quick response and care in the face of an emergency.

Would it be fair to argue that if things would have taken a few further minutes or maybe even a few extra seconds, there might have been a different outcome here? said one reporter.

Dr. Timothy Pitts remarked, “I think that’s fair to say.” Hamlin, 24, is still being monitored by medical workers as he breathes through a breathing tube.

According to the doctors, Hamlin’s rapid recovery from the cardiac arrest he suffered on Monday night was helped by the fact that he was in such excellent shape beforehand.

Taking his recuperation one day at a time, medical professionals at the University of Cincinnati seek to help Hamlin regain independent breathing and eventually have him discharged.

After Hamlin’s cardiac arrest, the country and the world rallied around him and the medical personnel at UC, as noted by Hamlin’s doctor, Dr. William Knight IV.

damar hamlin illness
damar hamlin illness

Having “all pistons firing within his brain” is “greatly rewarding for all of us,” including the nurses and respiratory therapists, Knight said. The doctors also mentioned that Hamlin’s family had relayed the worldwide outpouring of love and prayers for him.

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In reference to the outpouring of support for the family, the ER staff, and the surgical ICU team, Knight remarked, “I mean, all I have to do is glance over my left shoulder and I see vigils and posters and well wishes and the food that has shown up at the hospital.”

In light of the medical team’s assessment that Hamlin’s best chance of recovery is to return to his health before the injury, one writer wondered whether Hamlin could still return to professional football.

“He remains in critical condition in the intensive care unit, and all efforts are being directed at improving his condition. Therefore, such discussion is premature at this time “Knight put it this way.

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