Is Kayla Morton And Boosted Still Together: Does The Stars Of “Street Outlaws” Together?

A reality television show like Street Outlaws enjoys the level of success that it does for a good reason. The audience has seen some of the most talented street racers in the world go head-to-head against each other on the road while behind the wheel of some of the most incredible automobiles for a total of six pulse-pounding seasons.

One thing that the majority of the cast members on Street Outlaws have in common is that they are particularly fascinated by the fast-moving vehicles that they drive and that they are preoccupied with satiating their craving for speed.

It has become one of the more interesting side stories to follow because Kayla Morton is involved in a relationship with Boosted GT, also known as Chris Hamilton. I’ve got an update for you on whether or not they are still officially dating or not! In this article we will discuss is kayla Morton and boosted still together.

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is Kayla Morton And Boosted Still Together, Or Did The ‘Street Outlaws’ Stars Call It Quits?

Those viewers of Street Outlaws who rooted for Boosted and Kayla’s relationship are in luck, as it seems as though the couple is still going strong in the year 2022. A cursory examination of Instagram reveals that previously archived posts containing the word “Boosted” on Kayla’s page have been reinstated, which appears to indicate that they are still romantically together despite the fact that neither has directly confirmed this.

Kayla even wrote in her journal in August of 2022 that Boosted is “dreamy” and that she is “spoiled rotten” by him. Kayla and Boosted have two children together who go by the names Austin and Cooper. is kayla morton and boosted still together.

Aside from photographs of automobiles and videos of workouts, Kayla’s page is filled with videos of the couple’s children. It would appear that for the time being, one of racing’s most well-known families is as close as can be to perfect harmony!

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When Did Kayla And Boosted’s Breakup Happen? They Weren’t Always Together.

After competing against each other in one episode of Street Outlaws, Kayla and Boosted’s friendship eventually developed into a romantic partnership.

Even though she gave it everything she had to beat him in the race, in the end, he was much quicker. They had met before in the racing profession through common connections, but they did not begin dating seriously until she was approached by Big Chief to take part in the reality TV show. is kayla morton and boosted still together.

Although they were already familiar with each other in the racing sector, they had not previously dated. Shortly after that event, they entered into a committed relationship and moved in together in the state of Texas. The decision was made for Kayla and Boosted to start a family by having both of their children at the same time.

is kayla morton and boosted still together
is kayla morton and boosted still together

Reality Tidbit cites a story from a source close to the couple who claims to have information regarding their breakup in the year 2021. During the episodes of Street Outlaws that aired at the time, Kayla and Boosted appeared to make every effort to avoid coming into contact with one another. is kayla morton and boosted still together.

All of that appeared to have changed in 2022, however, when the two seemed to have resumed their relationship on an unknown date. Watching the current episode of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings, which is currently showing on Discovery Plus, is the best way to stay current on the relationship between Kayla and Boosted.

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