Joe And Melissa Still Together: Does The Couple Faced Multiple Cheating Allegations?

Was this love destined to last? Joe and Melissa Gorga, stars of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, met before they were famous. The series intends to chronicle the interpersonal interactions among New Jersey’s wealthiest, but the drama ends up being the show’s main attraction. Read on to find out the truth about Melissa and Joe’s relationship when reports of infidelity surfaced. In this article, we will discuss joe and melissa still together and many other things related to them.

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How Did Joe And Melissa Gorga Meet?

Melissa first met the realtor in 2002, while both were enjoying spring break in Cancun, Mexico. Melissa and Joe didn’t talk to one other when they first met, but they ran into each other again at a beach bar in New Jersey. The couple was married on August 20, 2004, after dating for three years.

Do Joe And Melissa Gorga Have Any Kids?

In June 2020 on Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Joe quipped that he was the “easier dad of the two.” I just kind of roll with whatever happens. He explained, “I don’t want to nurture them, and I want them to learn from the mistakes they make. But Melissa is often too soft on them when they get in trouble, and that’s when I have to step in.

Are Joe and Melissa Gorga Still Together?

Joe and Melissa are going strong even after all these years. They had s*x “more than the average married couple,” Joe told Us Weekly in May 2019. When I think about her, I don’t picture my wife.

I treat her like a girlfriend, and we never sugarcoat anything, he said. A lot of sexual activity is essential. It’s what bonds us.”

Joe and Melissa’s relationship is clearly going strong as they both attended the MTV Video Music Awards on August 28. The couple seemed smitten as they posed for pictures together on the red carpet before the ceremony. joe and melissa still together.

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The Couple Faced Multiple Cheating Allegations

Their 18-year marriage hasn’t been without its challenges, including what appears to be Teresa Giudice, Joe’s sister, making adultery claims against the couple.

According to the BestofBravo fan Instagram account, Teresa was involved in spreading allegations that Melissa cheated on Joe, which led to Melissa and Joe skipping the mother-of-four’s August 2022 wedding.

After the reports surfaced, Melissa told Us Weekly, “I’ve never cheated on Joe.” All of this is very disheartening. Teresa had previously accused Melissa of having an extramarital affair with Teresa’s brother.  joe and melissa still together.

In a physical argument with Melissa’s then-husband Joe Giudice that occurred in June 2013, Joe Giudice called his sister “scum” after Teresa brought up accusations that Melissa had an affair with an ex-boyfriend.

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