Richard Hillman Cause Of Death: What Happened To The Blockbuster Actor?

It’s Richard Hillman, of course. Final Cause of Death: Richard Hillman American actor and writer Richard Hillman was featured in such blockbuster films as 2000’s Bring It On, 1999’s Detroit Rock, and 1993’s Boys and Girls (2000). On December 13, 1974, the actor was born to an unknown producer father, Richard Hillman Sr., and an unnamed mother in Los Angeles, California, USA.

His brother’s name was Christopher Hillman, and he was the only sibling he had. Very little is known about his background, including his upbringing and formal education. Aaron from Bring It On had a very brief existence on Earth. At the age of 34, he passed away from a miserable death.

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Richard Hillman Cause Of Death

Many people, especially his devotees, were devastated by Richard Hillman’s untimely passing. According to accounts, the actor, who was worth $1.5 million at the time of his death in 2009, overdosed on heroin on June 27.

How Did Richard Hillman Die?

In this case, Richard Hillman drowned. When he returned to Coronation Street, he seized Gail’s kids and locked them in the basement. Finally, he persuaded Gail to go with him, and she accepted so that she could be closer to her kids. He cuffed her and led her to the garage where he was keeping the kids, where he told her he planned to kill them.

He took Gail and the kids in the car and drove to a canal where he intended to drive the vehicle into the water and drown them. Gail and the kids were saved, but Richard perished in the water when he escaped the automobile. His wife Gail positively identified his remains after his death on June 27, 2009.

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Richard Started His Killing Spree Following Patricia’s Death

While Richard’s ex-wife Patricia was pressuring him for cash, he was already engaged to his future wife Gail Platt. When Patricia unexpectedly showed up at Gail’s house, Richard whisked her away to the construction site.

During the heat of an argument, Patricia lost her footing and fell into a trench. Still in the hole, she continued to spit insults at Richard, so he killed her by striking her with a shovel.

He went on a murderous rampage after that. Richard needed money badly after going on vacation and purchasing new vehicles with money he had planned to make off his apartment building. His future mother-in-law Audrey was worth a lot of money, therefore he intended to eliminate her.

He drugged Audrey, made her lose track of her belongings, and did her search for them so that she would appear to have dementia. One day while she was sleeping, he set fire to her house, but firefighters were able to save her.

Still short on cash, he devised a scheme to murder a woman named Emily whose house he was now keeping in exchange for the deed to the property upon her death.

To make Emily’s murder look like a burglary, Richard broke into the home of Ashley and Maxine when she was watching their son Joshua. After Maxine returned early, she observed him repeatedly strike Emily with the crowbar.

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