Jade Cargill Net Worth: Relationship With Professional Baseball Player

Jade Cargill, a professional wrestler, was asked by the founder and owner of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Tony Khan, to bring her talents to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Initially, she had tried out for the WWE. She entered into a deal for a number of years and made her first appearance on November 11th, 2020.

After that point, Jade worked alongside Cody Rhodes, a former AEW superstar who is now the executive vice president of the company, and Brandi Rhodes, his wife. After making her debut in the world of professional wrestling about a year ago, Jade won the first-ever AEW TBS championship.

She has successfully defended her title several times since she first won it. Since then, she has been the champion. Even better, in the episode of AEW Dark Elevation that aired on October 31, Jade became the first AEW star to start their career with a perfect 40-0 record — talk about iconic. jade cargill net worth.

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Jade Cargill Net Worth

According to All Famous Birthday, Jade Cargill net worth of $1.5 million at the present time. According to her bio on Instagram, the 30-year-old Florida native also works as a child shrink. Jade graduated from Jacksonville University with a social science degree and has a certified master’s degree in child psychology.

The majority of her earnings come from All Elite Wrestling (AEW), however. In addition, one can learn that Jade has an official VIP fan page by clicking the link that is included on her Instagram profile. She frequently shares content from the backstage of photoshoots on her Instagram account. jade cargill net worth.

You will need to subscribe in order to view additional content from Jade; the cost of a one-month subscription is $9.99, and the cost of a subscription for six months is $47.95. The price for a subscription that is valid for one full year is $77.92.

Jade Is In A Relationship With Professional Baseball Player Brandon Phillips

In a personal essay that was published in The Players Tribune, the former collegiate athlete recalled the occasion of the first time she met her current partner, Brandon Phillips, a professional baseball second baseman. “I met Brandon when I was 22 years old, in 2015,” Jade revealed. “I’d started modeling, and my manager was actually a childhood friend of his.” jade cargill net worth.

She continued, “And one day, my manager and I were meeting at a Starbucks — and then directly after, I guess he was meeting up with Brandon. So I was walking out the door as Brandon was walking in, like a rom-com or something. And I guess he noticed me and asked about me. Like, ‘Who was that?'” It took four months for me to actually say, ‘Alright, fine.’

I’m not big on athletes! Lol. Being an athlete myself, I just know the operation,” Jade wrote. “Plus, I was living in France at the time to model. But he was trying, trying, trying. And eventually, I was like, ‘Alright. Give him my number. Let’s see where this goes.'” Jade described their dynamic as “sweet,” later referring to Brandon as a “goofy, fun-loving man. … I’m very similar, so we just mesh.

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He’s the person that calms me down, I guess you could say. He’s my peace.” In the 1999 MLB draft, Brandon was selected by the Montreal Expos in the second round; nearly three years later, he was traded to the Cleveland Guardians and started as the team’s second baseman. By April 2006, Cleveland had enough and traded Brandon to the Cincinnati Reds, where he played for 10 years. jade cargill net worth.

He later had brief stints with Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Angels, and the Boston Red Sox before taking his talents to the Lexington Legends of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball. In 2021, Brandon became the first Atlantic League player to appear on the roster for a team they co-own.

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