Rainer Schaller Net Worth: Who Is The Owner Of Macfit?

A successful businessman and well-known figure in Germany, Rainer Schaller is a pillar of the economy. He is famous for starting RSG Group GmbH and serving as its first CEO. McFit, Gold’s Gym, John Reed, Heimat, High5, etc.

are all subsidiaries of this parent firm. After the crash of the private plane in which he and his family were travelling in Costa Rica, he became a major media figure. Further down you may read more specifics about his wealth, family, wiki, height, wife, kids, death, plane crash, weight, parents, ethnicity, siblings, nationality, religion, and more. rainer schaller net worth.

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Rainer Schaller Early Life

In Bamberg, Germany, Rainer Schaller was born to a family of German descent. Due to his birth on January 4, 1969, the zodiac sign Capricorn best describes him. Rainer is his nick name. He graduated from a private school right there in his hometown. Unfortunately, his academic background is a complete mystery. As far as we can tell from his history, he was not a particularly diligent student back in school.

Rainer Schaller Personal Life

As a member of a Christian family in Germany, Rainer Schaller shares this belief with his ancestors. While his birthplace was Bamberg, he spent his formative years in Schlüsselfeld. But at this time, the identities of his parents cannot be found online. Wikipedia claims that she worked for a department store. In terms of his family background, he is the younger brother of conductor Gerd Schaller.

He is both of German descent and nationality. Yes, Rainer has tied the knot. Christiane Schikorsky is the name of his lovely wife. They’ve been a couple for a long time. To date, he has produced Finja Sghikorsky and Aaron Schaller. Judging by his past associations, he has probably dated at least twice. We were unable to locate any information about them at this time. rainer schaller net worth.

Rainer Schaller Career

As was previously noted, Rainer Schaller is a successful German fitness entrepreneur. Now, he’s a well-known figure in the athletic wear and fashion industries. In 1996, he started his first company, McFIT. He founded the original McFIT Studio in Wurzburg at that time. Due to the popularity of his first fitness center, he expanded to Bochum and Oberhausen, Germany, in the year 2000.

The company’s growth since then has been unprecedented. After another two years, he established four more locations. There were almost 400,000 members by the time he left the company less than ten years later, making it one of the largest fitness chains in Germany. It took him almost 11 years, but he finally opened 100 studios all around Germany.

They expanded internationally in 2009 by opening studios in Spain and Austria. With a 2011 revenue of over 200 million euros, the firm outperformed any other fitness chain in Europe. In 2013, he founded Qi2 Sports Nutrition, a sports nutrition firm. Two years later, he opened four High5 studios across Germany and Austria, marking the beginning of his second foray into the fitness industry. rainer schaller net worth.

rainer schaller net worth

Between 2015 and 2018, he launched a plethora of new ventures, including the virtual course training startup Cyberobics, the fitness music club John Reed, the talent agency Tigerpool, and many more. Ahead to 2019 they were all part of McFIT Global Group. However, in that same year, it changed its name to RSG Group GmbH.

Twelve fitness businesses were already in his possession by that time. In 2020, the corporation made headlines by acquiring Gold’s Gym. Approximately 48 nations are served by his firms, and he counts over 6.4 million consumers worldwide. There are over a thousand studios and 41,000 people working for him throughout his 21 companies.

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Rainer Schaller Net Worth

Rainer Schaller Net worth estimates place Rainer Schaller at above $200 million (estimated). He is mostly known as the man behind RSG Group GmbH, through which he has amassed a considerable fortune. rainer schaller net worth.

In addition, he controls all of his businesses through majority ownership. He also earns a substantial salary from the firms he manages. Nonetheless, the figures are paltry in comparison to the money he earns as the business’s owner. Now that he’s earned millions, he invests his money strategically, and one of his favourite areas to do so is in real estate. Also, he has a number of high-end possessions, including a Piaggio P.180 Avanti plane.

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