Isabela Encanto: Why Is She So Lovable? Why Mirabel Calls Her Selfish?

In the upcoming 2021 Disney animated feature film Encanto, Isabela Madrigal plays a pivotal role. She is the oldest Madrigal girl and the older sister to Luisa and Mirabel. Her parents are Agustin and Julieta. Isabela is the golden child of the Madrigal family, with the ability to conjure lovely flowers and plants. Her younger sister calls her “Seorita Perfecta.”

Isabela Encanto Background

Isabela Madrigal, born to parents Julieta and Agustin, is the eldest of three sisters; her younger sisters are Luisa and Mirabel. Isabela is the niece of Felix and Pepa and the cousin of Bruno and Dolores and Camilo and the aunt of Antonio. She is Abuela Alma’s favourite and the oldest of her cousins. The Madrigals’ first grandchild.

A few weeks after Isabela’s birth, her cousin Dolores was born, and the two years later, Isabela’s younger sister Luisa joined them in the nursery. When Bruno was still a family member, Isabela had a vision in which he promised her that she would one day be able to live the life of her desires and that her abilities would “grow like the grapes that thrive on the vine.” At the age of five, Isabela was bestowed with the power of Chlorokinesis and promoted to her own room.

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Isabela Encanto Development

Isabela, like the rest of the Madrigals, was created to embody “family stereotypes that are immediately recognisable.” Just like in the finished result, the studio conceived of Isabela as the ideal offspring and the source of much pride. She tried very hard to project the picture of perfection for Abuela Alma, but she also included a subtle undertone of fear by disguising her defects.

The woman who perform the Bambuco dance provided inspiration for the flowery design of her first outfit; for her final clothing, a variety of styles were considered to give her a more eye-catching appearance, including brighter colours and more elaborate flowers. The team also drew inspiration from Colombian beauty pageant models to develop Isabela’s graceful motions and natural social interactions.

Diane Guerrero, who voices Isabela, elaborated on her character’s traits: “Isabela was cast in the position of perfection because of her ability to nurture the growth of plants and flowers. As a result, she probably utilises it as a defensive mechanism, as it has helped her so much over the years, and with this skill came the expectation that she just had to be flawless and just sew and produce lovely. But as she matures into an actual, genuine human being, I believe she comes to realise that perfection is unattainable.

Isabela Encanto Personality

Almost everyone agrees that Isabela is stunningly attractive on the inside and out. Isabela isn’t very close to her family throughout the film, but she does what she can to make them proud since she cares about them. exhibiting her selflessness and loyalty by being willing to give up her life and happiness for her family.

She has a tough connection with her younger sister Mirabel and is plainly aloof from her throughout the film, but she gets along well with their other younger sister, Luisa. Dolores, Isabela’s cousin who is just a few weeks younger, is like a sister to her. She is seen comforting Dolores throughout the entire presentation of Antonio’s gift by holding her hand and hugging her.

Because he gave her a hopeful prediction about her future, Isabela is one of the few people who doesn’t think poorly of her notorious uncle Bruno. Likewise, she appears to have a soft spot for the locals. In addition to the many plants Isabela gladly plants for the town’s benefit, she also welcomes guests with great enthusiasm at Antonio’s gift ceremony.

Isabela Encanto Physical Appearance

Isabela is a young Colombian woman of 21 years old. She has dark skin, hazel eyes, a tear-shaped beauty mark on her left cheek, long, silky, black hair with a pink flower on the left side, and diamond earrings. Isabela is the granddaughter who looks most like Alma (when they were both younger), sharing many of Alma’s features (albeit not her skin tone or face structure).

Isabela is decked out in a lilac dress with layers of frills and a floral pattern (a sign of her gift) and a pair of lilac shoes to match. Her hair now has yellow, green, and blue streaks in it, and an orange flower replaces the previous pink blossom after she underwent a transformation during the course of “What Else Can I Do?”

Her dress was painted in various colours (yellow, red, blue, the colours of the Colombian flag, like the umbrellas in We Don’t Talk About Bruno — Pepa and Félix’s verse), with the main colour dark blue, with matching flowers. The cattleya trianae orchid, often called “may lilies” or “may flowers,” decorates her attire and crowns her head. By the film’s conclusion, she’s sporting a green and blue tipped bob, a vine glove–like accessory on her right arm, and a much lighter indigo dress with the other colours surviving as splatters on the bottom.

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Why Is She So Lovable? Why Mirabel Calls Her Selfish?

Naturally, Mirabel has formed this opinion of her. Isabela has been completely unpleasant throughout the film. That scene, crazily enough, just served to deepen my already strong disdain for her. Of course, after that, we get what else can I do, that song is great and it enhanced her character, but why the hell was she such a b*tch? The reasons for her harsh treatment of Mirabel are beyond comprehension.

In addition, I wished Mirabel hadn’t forgotten about the whole thing so quickly. At that time, she was no longer deserving of it. I hope that in the event of a new Encanto series, Isabela learns from her mistakes and improves as a person. Until then, she’s certainly one of my least favourite people. It’s probably unjust, yet it hits close to home for me. Poor, awful people are my siblings.

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