Are Cody And Jessica Still Together: Where Are They Both Now?

Since its premiere in 2000, the reality TV phenomenon known as “Big Brother” has consistently delivered nothing but fun for its viewers. It was modelled after a similarly named Dutch show. The “Houseguests” contestants from CBS’s reality show live in a secluded mansion as they are filmed and recorded round-the-clock.

In order to maximize their rewards, the candidates need to carry out the tasks given to them each day. Once a week, a contender is eliminated from the competition based on viewer votes. Some of the candidates fall in love with their roommates, while others become internationally famous as a result of their personality and performance on the challenges.

Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf were one such couple that received a lot of attention during their time together in the Big Brother house during season 19 in 2017. Their fans could yell encouragement from a safe distance. It’s been a long time since the season finale, so fans are probably curious about where their relationship is now. If you’re as interested as we are, read on. In this article we will discuss are cody and Jessica still together.

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Journey On Big Brother For Cody And Jessica

The first season of the show premiered in June of 2017, and it chronicled the adventures of Cody and Jessica across the country. Cody Nickson, a 32-year-old veteran of the United States Air Force and Marine Corps, joined the show when Jessica, a 27-year-old actress and model, was a regular cast member.

Their story started off normally enough: there was instant chemistry and a strong bond between them in the very first week. As a result of the house’s solitude, they quickly became acquainted and began a relationship that was initially misunderstood to be nothing more than a “showmance” Since they balanced each other out, the two became a formidable team against their adversaries. are cody and jessica still together.

Many housemates disapproved of the pair, and they were frequently singled out for punishment or voted out of the competition. They also had a major setback in week 2 when housemates voted to get rid of Cody. Cody couldn’t re-enter the tournament until after he won the Battle Back Showdown, so Jessica had to shoulder the load by herself for a while.

are cody and jessica still together

After his return in week 4, they became more closer despite the fact that others were still trying to get rid of them by voting. As time went on, the couple fought and made up numerous times. Cody, though, was taken off the island a week after Jessica, on day 51. are cody and jessica still together.

Although they were unable to compete until the very end of the season, the viewers enjoyed watching the couple’s passionate and love connection on the show. Considering that it has been over five years since the end of season 19, many viewers may be wondering if Cody and Jessica were able to weather the storms of real life and remain a couple.

Are Cody And Jessica Still Together?

In case you were wondering, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are still a couple. The beloved pair reached several important milestones as a unit and kept their romance burning brightly throughout. Season 20 of “Big Brother” featured them prominently as hosts of the Power of Veto Competition.

After that, they joined forces and raced in Season 30 of “The Amazing Race” together. Cody and Jessica’s strong bond was the deciding factor in them taking home the $1 million grand prize from the reality show. The team was the first to win “The Amazing Race” from a CBS network other than CBS. Their first major accomplishment as a pair was the February 2018 announcement of their engagement. are cody and jessica still together.

In September 2018, the couple shared the news that they were expecting their first child together. They found out they were having a girl a month later. Cody and Jessica tied the knot on the 14th of October, 2018. Their first daughter, Maverick, was born in March of this year. Two more daughters, Carter York and Atlas Ruby, were born to the couple later, in October 2020 and July 2022, respectively.

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Cody also has a daughter, Paisley, who is 10 years old, from a previous relationship. Cody and Jessica are enjoying the time of their lives as they pursue their shared dreams and travel to exotic locations. They have just completed what they believe to be the perfect home for their family, and it marks yet another major turning point in their lives.

What seems to be genuine affection between the two is evident in their social media posts. They often remark how lucky they are to have made their connection under such dramatic circumstances. With everything they have going on, we can only hope for a future filled with love and happiness for them. are cody and jessica still together?

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