Chriselle Lim Divorce: Why They Split Up After Being Together For Years?

Chriselle Lim divorced her husband, Allen Chen, in Los Angeles, California, in the spring of 2021. Amazingly, Allen Chen has managed to avoid the spotlight, which has instead focused on his soon-to-be ex-wife. There is not much information available about Chen other than the fact that he and Lim met in 2008 through common acquaintances. They tied the knot on August 8, 2012. In early 2021, Lim and Chen ended their relationship. Lim currently has custody of their two daughters, and they all reside in her Los Angeles, California, home. chriselle lim divorce.

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How Chriselle Lim Became Famous

Chriselle Lim (also known as Chriselle Lim So-jung and Christie Sojung Lim) was born in Texas on April 10, 1985. She is of Korean descent. As a young girl, she spent four years in Seoul, South Korea. Inspired by her mother’s career, Lim followed in her footsteps and majored in fashion merchandising and design.

Lim, an Asian entrepreneur who rose to prominence as a YouTube star and digital media influencer, maintains active profiles across a wide range of social media platforms, where she blogs, vlogs, models, and promotes her own products.

The Chriselle Factor, an organization Lim established in 2011, is where she has become best known to the general public. She provides advice on a variety of topics, including style, makeup (she runs a Korean Beauty page), home life, adventuring with kids, and motherhood. chriselle lim divorce.

By clicking on the modeled bobby pins, sunglasses, scarves, handbags, dresses, and shoes, readers can “shop the look” and purchase the same items from Prada, Sax Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and other retailers. Lim introduced her debut perfume, Missing Person by Phlur, in March of this year. Some sources claim that Lim has a net worth of “$1M to $5M.” Please visit her Instagram page. As of today (April 13th, 2022) she has amassed 1.4 million followers.

Lim v. Chen Family Law Proceedings

On April 19 of the year 2021, Lim petitioned the court for a divorce while her child was still a minor. A month later, on May 18, Chen submitted his counterclaim. Family law proceedings for the case of Christie Sojung Lim v. Allen Y. Chen (Case No. 21STFL04406) took place at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles. This case is before Judges Dennis F. Hernandez, Lynn H. Scaduto, and Michelle L. Kazadi. The court has not made a final decision on the case yet. chriselle lim divorce.

The Lawyers

Both sides are being advised by seasoned family law attorneys. Marci Robyn Levine, a partner at Summers Levine & Kretzmer, LLP, represents Lim in this case. Levine began working as a family law attorney in 1990. Diana Pamela Zitser, the founding partner of Zitser Family Law Group and a Certified Family Law Specialist, is Chen’s attorney. As of this writing, no public statements regarding the case have been made by either lawyer. Should that ever change, we will do our best to update the information here.

Chriselle Lim Divorce

On July 26, 2021, the judge issued a temporary order regarding child custody (Stipulation & Order Re: Pendente Lite Custody). And entered orders for child support, spousal maintenance, and attorney fees on August 13. On October 26th, the court commissioner was selected. The size of the marital estate and the proposed division of assets and debts are unknown at this time, despite the fact that the parties have exchanged financial information with a declaration of income and expenses. chriselle lim divorce.

Did they have a legally binding prenuptial agreement? Presuming they did not, a significant portion of their marital assets may need to be divided up during property settlement negotiations. Lim’s website went live in 2011, and we know she tied the knot the following year. Lim’s husband Chen was most likely with her when she first started her business, so he may be entitled to community property benefits from her achievements. Whoever asked for alimony has yet to come forward. Perhaps both of them did.

chriselle lim divorce

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Mason’s Commentary

As a rule, only one of the divorcing spouses is a celebrity. Public opinion is crucial in the realm of Internet celebrities and influencers. Losing followers, even temporarily, can have a significant impact on your income. Case in point: (Google “Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Defamation Trial”).

This proves that the celebrity cares deeply about burying the scandal. Is there any information about the divorce’s non-celebrity spouse? Especially if they have a child together, the normal person needs to keep his or her nose clean as well as the celebrity. This is why it’s important to divide up property and pay alimony: The non-famous spouse will probably try to claim that the value of the couple’s name, image, and likeness should be divided in the divorce. chriselle lim divorce.

As the value rises, so does the corresponding settlement. Similarly, with regards to ownership and business interests. Negative information leaked by the non-celebrity could be used as evidence against them in court. The non-famous partner may pay a high price if the celebrity’s reputation and potential earnings are diminished. Almost everywhere in the United States, child support is calculated by factoring in both parents’ incomes. The non-famous child will almost always profit from the celebrity parent’s higher salary.

Regarding custody matters, almost all judges will side with the parent who made the accusation if proof of the other parent’s wrongdoing is lacking. The evidence presented in the “he said, she said” format will be scrutinised for its ability to establish which parent is more likely to encourage a healthy relationship. chriselle lim divorce.

On the other hand, if one of the parties alleges domestic violence and files a report with the police, complete with evidence such as photographs and testimonies from eyewitnesses, things will be different. The vast majority of parents would prefer to work out child custody issues amicably, rather than have the matter decided by a judge. If a judge isn’t involved, then the parents can decide what’s best for their child without giving up any say in the matter.

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