A Carrollton Police Officer Was Killed On Bush Turnpike After Being Struck By A Vehicle

In Carrollton After a collision late on Tuesday, two people—including a Carrollton police officer—died.

According to Carrollton police, the collision happened around 10:30 p.m. in the Bush Turnpike’s westbound lanes. Officer Steve Nothem’s vehicle was “struck by a passing automobile” as he was following another officer in a DWI investigation, according to police spokesperson Jolene DeVito.

Phillip Parker, the driver, was pronounced dead at the site. After being transported to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Plano, Nothem passed away there. Nothem is the first police officer to pass away in the line of duty for the Carrollton Police Department.

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Uncertainty exists on the events that caused the crash. According to DeVito, there is “no preliminary information” that suggests alcohol played a role.

He remarked outside the police station, “Today is a horrible day for Carrollton, and it’s a tragic day for first responders everywhere, cops everywhere.” “Carrollton is there, praying alongside you. We must take time to consider the fact that lives were lost outside of the department.

Constable Steve Nothem

A picture of Nothem was put up outside the police station on Jackson Road, and retired Carrollton police sergeant Robin Chavez, 68, got down on one knee next to it. Despite not knowing the officer, Chavez felt compelled to throw a bouquet of flowers on a police cruiser that had been left outside the station as a tribute.

She added, “It’s our family, it’s our life.” It causes heartbreak. The 45-year-old Jaime Canales claimed that the cop had visited his apartment building three or four times. He praised Nothem for being respectful and professional.

Canales stated after leaving flowers and kneeling to pray for Nothem’s family, “I felt like I knew him.” Others who came into the police station didn’t directly know the officer or the agency.

Miguel Gauna, 36, said his sons saw the officer’s picture outside the station and asked to stop after he lifted his 5-year-old son Andrew to place flowers on the police car.

“It’s crucial we demonstrate our kids that police officers serve and protect,” he stated. Gauna claimed that despite not knowing Nothem, the officer “touched us all.”

Just before 4 o’clock, a police honour guard lowered the flags in front of the department.

Nothem formerly served in the Marine Corps and worked as a police officer in Wisconsin before joining the Carrollton department in March 2020. His wife, his 13-year-old son, his twin 6-year-old kids, and his 1-year-old daughter will all survive him.

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The other casualty of the collision was characterised by neighbours in Parker’s northeast Carrollton area as “an all-around good man. In the brick townhouse complex off Marsh Lane, Maggie Scott, 65, who lives a few doors down from Parker’s home, said he was “always willing to help around the neighbourhood.”

She referred to him as a good friend and said that the 82-year-old was active and frequently drove. The Dallas police officer Jacob Arellano was killed by a wrong-way vehicle on his way to work one week prior to the death of the Carrollton cop. On Wednesday, he was buried. Nothem arrangements are still being made.

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