Mallorca Files Season 3: Will There Be A Season 3?

Season 3 of The Mallorca Files has a lot of eager fans. The Mallorca Files is a British police procedural television drama starring Elen Rhys and Julian Looman. The show is based in Mallorca, which is in the Mediterranean Sea between Spain and Africa. The show was created by Dan Sefton and broadcast on BBC One.

It was produced by Cosmopolitan Pictures, Clerkenwell Films, BritBox US and Canada, ZDFneo, and France 2. There will be a second season, as it was announced before the premiere episode aired on November 11th, 2019. Season 2 premiered on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on February 1, 2021.

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The Mallorca Files Season 3 Cast

There has been speculation that the same actors will return for Season 3 of The Mallorca Files. The cast for Season 3 of The Mallorca Files has not been announced, but in the meantime, let’s get to know the characters from Season 2. All of the actors and actresses are listed below.

  • Elen Rhys as Detective Miranda Blake
  • Julian Looman as Detective Max Winter
  • María Fernández Ache as Chief Inés Villegas
  • Nacho Aldeguer as Federico Ramis
  • Alex Hafner as Roberto Herrero
  • Nansi Nsue as Luisa Rosa
  • Tábata Cerezo as Carmen Lorenzo
  • Denis Schmidt as Christian
  • Carlos Olalla as Joan Lorenzo
  • Tanya Moodie as Supt. Abbey Palmer

The Mallorca Files Previous Seasons Plot

The First Season

Niall Taylor (Aidan McArdle), a witness in a gangland trial, is murdered at Palma airport on his way back to the United Kingdom with Miranda Blake. Max Winter, there to visit his girlfriend, steps in to save Miranda from the same fate. Miranda’s supervisor has ordered her to return to London, but she has every intention of staying in Mallorca to find the killer.

Chief Inés Villegas puts her in touch with Max as more members of the same gang are murdered, and the two of them begin looking into the matter. Max and Miranda investigate a case of stolen musical instruments at Jürgen Kuhl’s apartment and studio, where he also hosts a controversial music program.

After receiving criticism from Kuhl for not performing his songs, one of the participants, Jens Schmitt, takes Max’s gun and holds everyone in the house, including Miranda, hostage. So that his ex-girlfriend Lena can see him perform a song he wrote for her, he wants the concert broadcast live on television.

Second Year

Max and Miranda investigate the deaths of two seemingly unrelated people: opera star José Castaa and a woman who drowned herself. They find out the woman plays the violin and that Castaa was notorious for his philandering. Elvira Cortez, Castaa’s manager, is a prime suspect because she also became pregnant by Castaa after the deceased woman’s death.

Inés is put in a difficult position when Miranda and Max present the #MeToo/I am Spartacus admissions from 27 women who knew the maestro. Max and Miranda, the detectives on the case, believe that Oliver Barker was poisoned while eating a meal prepared by his favorite chef.

Before they know for sure that he was poisoned the day before with amanita mushrooms, everyone at the table and the staff at the restaurant will remain prime suspects. By digging into the suspects’ and victims’ histories, Max and Miranda discover a link between the past and a justification for revenge. It’s the kind of vengeance that puts the lives of innocent bystanders in danger.

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The Mallorca Files Season 3 Release Date

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know when Season 3 of “The Mallorca Files” will premiere. However, we expect the next season to premiere sometime in 2022 or 2023. The scripts for Season 3 of The Mallorca Files have been written and are ready to be filmed, so fans shouldn’t have to wait much longer for the show to air on television.

Season two only had six episodes instead of the originally planned ten because of the global production schedule disruptions caused by the Covid epidemic. Therefore, there is enough material for a third season of The Mallorca Files, and the creators believe they can keep airing the show as long as viewers are satisfied.

Where To Watch The Mallorca Files Season 3?

The show aired on BBC One in the afternoons during the week. On February 1, 2021, the first episode of Series 2 aired on BBC One, and subsequent episodes could be viewed on BBC iPlayer. It is to be anticipated that Season 3 of The Mallorca Files will also be hosted there.

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