12 Games Like Genshin Impact That You Must Play!


Since its release in 2020, Genshin Impact has been riding a wave of unprecedented popularity. This free-to-play role-playing game with an anime aesthetic from developer miHoYo boasts a cast of endearing personalities, a rich open environment, and a novel approach to fighting. Despite Genshin Impact’s widespread appeal, players are increasingly disenchanted with the game’s repetitive Dailies and the monotony of farming the same few weapons over and over again.

Others are simply looking for new ways to pass the time after becoming bored with the gachapon system’s subtle addictiveness. Keep reading to learn about additional games like Genshin Impact that you may play whether you want to obsess over a new waifu or husbando or simply want to explore a new open environment. In this article, we will discuss games like genshin impact.

Tower Of Fantasy

If you’re a fan of Genshin and want to see the closest thing the RPG world has seen to it, go no further than Tower of Fantasy. People often compare it to Genshin Impact, but I don’t think it’s a copy. More on how Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy both drew inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be found further down this page. It borrowed what was great about Genshin Impact and improved upon it in a number of ways to become one of the most popular gacha games since Genshin. games like genshin impact.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

If you’ve played Breath of the Wild before diving into Genshin Impact, you’ll immediately recognize the miHoYo’s obvious inspiration from this Legend of Zelda game. Their game’s mechanics, especially its combat, are remarkably similar to that of another popular game. That this game was the impetus for the entire genre of anime role-playing games has been suggested by some. To be very honest, I have no complaints.

One of the finest video games ever created is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Breath of the Wild’s environment is bursting at the seams with enticing gameplay, thrilling objectives, opponents of Elden-Ring difficulty, and a plethora of weapons and gear to try out. With both, you’ll feel like you’re on an incredible adventure, and you’ll play for hours without ever realizing it. games like genshin impact.

Honkai Impact 3rd

To kick things off, we have Honkai Impact 3rd, our most cherished game’s accomplice. The developer of Genshin Impact also made the free-to-play anime action role-playing game Honkai Impact 3rd, in which players command a team of Valkyries to defeat the corrupting and destructive Honkai energy. For those who enjoyed Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd should come as no surprise, as it features similar hack-and-slash gameplay, stunning visuals, and a deep character growth system. Fans of Fischl and Keqing will be thrilled to learn that these five-star Genshin characters have also been included in the Honaki Impact cast permanently. games like genshin impact.

Trials Of Mana

We couldn’t have asked for a finer time for the return of Trials of Mana, a long-forgotten classic. It was one of the most anticipated role-playing games of 2020, and if you’ve been playing Genshin Impact nonstop, you’ll like the change of pace. The game retains some of its previous features including a linear tale and simple puzzle design while updating them to meet modern standards.

These features include a revamped combat system and character growth systems. Each of the six playable characters also has its own compelling narrative and unique playstyle, making for a wide variety of possible party configurations. Players of Genshin Impact won’t have any trouble settling in, thanks to the game’s complex characters and extensive skill tree structure. Even if they have to force themselves to get past the linearity at first, they will eventually become engrossed.  games like genshin impact.

Tales Of Arise

If you own an Xbox but haven’t been able to get your hands on Genshin Impact, this is an excellent substitute. It’s no secret that the Tales series is one of the most well-known JRPG series ever, and Tales of Arise lives up to the reputation. The latest installment in the series is set in the fantasy continent of Dahna, where you’ll encounter strange creatures, vast meadows, and twisting rivers.

Genshin aficionados won’t be put off by the battle system, though, because it allows for the chaining of powerful techniques to quickly dispose of foes. (Recognize that!) The tale is told in a recognizable anime style, and the JRPG gameplay is intuitive, with a much sharper narrative focus than Genshin Impact. Tales of Arise stands out as a top-tier alternative to Genshin Impact because of its captivating story and gorgeous visuals. games like genshin impact.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals: Fenyx Rising, published by Ubisoft, gained a reputation at launch for being a BOTW clone in the same way that Genshin Impact had. But don’t let that put you off; the game is still fun! When compared to Breath of the Wild’s fighting, this game is much more refined, with weapons that don’t shatter and a plethora of abilities and combos to learn. Boss fights are a great way to test your skills while also having a good time. games like genshin impact.

Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost is the best option if you’re looking for a gacha game for your iOS or Android device that’s also an action RPG. Developed by Cygames and released by Nintendo, this game has an impressive pedigree. And as one would hope from such a well-known developer, the game features one of the most compelling stories in the mobile industry. In the realm of Dragalia Lost, dragons play a significant role in everyday life. In addition, you’ll need the game’s namesake currency, Dragalia, to call out formidable warriors to fight by your side. games like genshin impact.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

If you’ve seen the anime, you’ll understand how this game works. You’ll leave for the fantasy land of Aincrad, where hard work, teamwork, and combat are required for success. Both SAO: IF and Genshi Impact place a premium on player development and hack-and-slash combat, so it’s not hard to see the parallels between the two. All the standard melee weapons are available, and you can even buy or earn new Sword Skills by completing quests. The producers also often release new banners advertising upcoming weaponry and events, giving users a steady supply of fresh material. games like genshin impact.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

From the gacha system to the element-based fighting, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is very similar to Genshin Impact. The game doesn’t require you to find hidden weapons like in Genshin Impact. Those who aren’t completists at heart may not care about acquiring these rare artifacts, but it’s hard to deny their usefulness in combat. As an aside, Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s planet is every bit as vast and massive as Mondstadt. The game is rich with content, from honing your Aux Cores to perfecting your fighting style. games like genshin impact.

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

If you like fast-paced battles like those in Genshin Impact, you’ll have a blast with Ys IX. The newest Ys game is solid, and while it may not be as revolutionary as YS XIII, it is still a worthy addition to the series. The game’s complex fighting system, made possible by the option to swap between characters, takes players on a trip greater in scale than its predecessors. If you haven’t played any of the Ys games before, Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is a great place to get in because of its fast-paced action, memorable characters, and expert storytelling. Don’t expect to fly through the first few levels of this enjoyable JRPG. games like genshin impact.

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