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Alice Angel was created by Joey Drew Studios. As with Bendy and Boris, Alice became a cartoon character in 1933, the studio’s first female cartoon character. To begin, she was the third character created by Joey Drew Studios.

Alice Angel About

A new era in cartooning began when Joey Drew Studios announced on September 12th, 1933, that Bendy and Boris would soon be joined by a new female companion. While Boris Wolf and Bendy are having fun, Alice insists on things being done the right way. However, Joey Drew Studios’ record book states that she was created by Joey, and not Henry Stein when he left the studio.

Sammy believes that Alice could become as popular as Bendy someday. Susie Campbell first voiced Alice Angel. Despite Susie’s disbelief and despair, Joey Drew has hired Allison Pendle as Alice Angel’s new voice actress, much to Allison’s surprise. It ends with Susie promising to make things right. After Joey announces he has an opportunity, Susie is dragged into the inky experiment and becomes a “wiggling, pushing, shapeless slug” as heard by Susie in chapter 3.

Alice Angel
Alice Angel

“The second time…it made me an angel!” she continues. Despite this, Alice/Susie emerged as a flawed version of Susie who must now rip out hearts and ingest them in order to become more “perfect,” This is a common theme in Alice’s conversations throughout the game. And the hearts of the inky beasts she sucked out are visible.


The majority of them belong to Boris. Joey Drew Studios merchandise worker Shawn Flynn reported that Alice dolls were not selling well, suggesting that she may not have been as popular as Sammy had hoped.

The Outward Expression Of Self

Her black hair is medium length and slightly wavy, and she has tiny brows and dark lips as cartoon female humanoids go. She has a slim body with a small waist and wide hips. To pay homage to the flapper dresses of the 1920s and 1930s, she is decked out in all black with a white bow in the center of her bust, just like Bendy. A mole can be found under her right eye, and Alice’s eyes are cut like pies with one eyelash on each.

On her feet, she wears black tights and pointed small-heeled shoes (though the heels are not always visible due to the angle of the shoes) with white gloves with circles drawn on their palms and unattached black sleeves. Additionally, her hair is a bit straighter in the animated shorts and her dress is longer than in the video game. She wears a floor-length version of her dress in “Siren Serenade” even though her mole can be seen near her left eye.

Her white horns and halo aren’t the only things that make Alice an angel, though. Her halo and horns deflate in her Bendy in the Nightmare Run game-over image. In the Moon, she is depicted as a threatening figure when she is enraged.

In addition to having larger and sharper fangs and a pointed tongue when she snaps, she also appears to be more aggressive and threatening. Even though Yukon Bendy has two extra pointed fangs, her halo remains the same when she’s feeling wicked.

Alice Angel Personality

Alice Angel is described in the story as a charismatic, determined, and well-informed character. It’s her job to put a stop to Bendy’s crazy antics whenever he gets out of hand. According to Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 3’s “I’m Alice Angel,” this angelic character is every bit as sweet and carefree as her heavenly persona suggests she would be.

Sammy Lawrence gushed about Alice’s voice, calling it “heavenly and wonderful.” Bendy is happy when she agrees to go to a movie with him because she normally has a good attitude and enjoys spending time with him.

Alice Angel Games

Bendy And The Inkjet

In Bendy and the Ink Machine, Alice was depicted as a plush toy, with short cutouts, and cartoon clips at various points. Twisted Alice and Allison Angel are the real-life counterparts of Original Alice.

Chapter 2

“Sent from Above” billboard on the wall next to the pool area reveals Alice’s identity in “The Old Song”.

Chapter 3

In the Heavenly Toys section, you’ll see posters, plush toys, and even a cardboard cutout of Alice. To set the mood, Alice Angel’s “I’m Alice Angel” plays on several screens in the room before the terrifying Twisted Alice appears. After that, Twisted Alice makes her debut appearance. Level 9’s inner chamber is filled with an enormous statue of Alice holding a “SHE’S A QUIET A GAL!” sign.

Chapter 4

Wonders of the Colossal, numerous Alice Angel-related environments reappeared in various places.

Chapter 5

The Final Cut. In Joey’s diary tape, which he keeps in his office, he discusses his plan to bring Alice and the other cartoon characters to life with her former voice actor. Alice is mentioned. In the post-credits scene, Henry signs a photo of her holding hands with Bendy and Boris that he took.


Alice’s design appears to have been influenced by Betty Boop, a Fleischer Studios cartoon character from the same era. They have a lot in common when it comes to portraying a beautiful and joyful female character.

The “Sent From Above” poster tagline also claims that Alice is a dancer and singer like Betty Boop. Sent from Above, the episode’s title suggests that Alice is a fallen angel, based on the fact that she lacks wings but has a halo and horns.

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