Sophia Grace Responds To Plastic Surgery Speculation: Ellen Star Sophia Grace

In a new video she uploaded to YouTube, the 19-year-old dispelled concerns about her physical appearance by claiming that she had never undergone surgery or used injectables. She referred to a fan comment on July 29 by saying, “So someone said, ‘At first, when I saw you on social media, I thought you had plastic surgery, do you?'”

“No, I don’t get any cosmetic procedures. I’ve addressed this several times on my YouTube and Instagram accounts. So no, I haven’t undergone any cosmetic procedures. According to her, the most frequent mistake about Sophia Grace is that she has altered her lips, which she vehemently refutes.

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She continued, “I mean, I don’t think my lips look that large. Maybe I didn’t underline them as much today as I usually do. I’ve never used lip fillers, though. Lip fillers are not something that would interest me. She admits that she occasionally switches up her appearance with inexpensive beauty products, although she is ruling out needles for the time being.

It’s just makeup if my lips occasionally appear full and large. “Makeup is potent, and obviously, my appearance differs significantly from other people’s when they wear it. And yes, for that reason, perhaps people believe I haven’t had surgery, although I am pretty adept at applying makeup and making my face look that way.

Sophia Grace Responds To Plastic Surgery Speculation
Sophia Grace Responds To Plastic Surgery Speculation

When Sophia Grace appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with her younger cousin Rosie McLelland, she first became famous online. When they were only 8 and 5, the pair made their daytime talk show debut in 2011 by performing a copy of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” while donning tutus and tiaras.

In addition to promoting her brand-new single, “Little Things,” Sophia Grace is currently working on her LoLo London clothing line. In an exclusive interview with E! News in May, Sophia Grace hinted that the song was “absolutely about appreciating the little things in life.”

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Because of social media and the pressure to live up to particular standards, “I feel like a lot of people put themselves down these days, especially girls.” She continued, “It just comes down to appreciating the simple things, and you’ll be happier.”

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