Facebook Parent Meta Reports First-Ever Revenue Decline: First Ever Revenue Drop

As ad sales declined amid mounting economic worries, Facebook’s parent firm Meta on Wednesday revealed a revenue decline for the first time. The dominant social media company also fell short of second-quarter earnings projections. Meta reported $28.8 billion in revenue for the April to June quarter, a 1% decrease from last year.

The company’s performance fell close to the $28.9 billion that Thomson Reuters analysts surveyed had predicted. Meta came in below forecasts ($2.56 per share), earning $2.46 per share. As it prepares for a recession in the economy, Meta’s first-ever income decline shows the difficulties the social media giant’s ad business faces.

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Advertisers are scaling back in response to mounting worries that a global recession may occur. A high dollar lowers the value of revenue from abroad. Due to Apple’s recent introduction of a tracking opt-out feature for its customers, marketers are now questioning the efficacy of advertisements. Meta has reduced spending and frozen sure hires to combat its income problems.

Analyst forecasts for the third quarter were similarly below those set by the corporation. In contrast to predictions of $30.5 billion, Meta stated that it expects revenue to be in the region of $26 to $28.5 billion. In a conference call with analysts, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated, “we seem to have entered an economic slump that will have a broad impact on the digital advertising market.”

Facebook Parent Meta Reports First-Ever Revenue Decline
Facebook Parent Meta Reports First-Ever Revenue Decline

The advertising slowdown occurs while Meta continues to invest in its vision for the metaverse, virtual areas where people may work, play, and interact. Foreseeing how deep or long these cycles will be is always difficult. However, purchasing items like virtual reality headgear and video chat equipment is not inexpensive. The second quarter saw a $2.8 billion loss for the tech giant’s metaverse division.

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The business said on Tuesday that it would increase the cost of its Quest 2 headsets by $100 in August. The company said it’d observed a more than 30 percent increase in the time people spend engaging with its short-form video feature Reels across Facebook and Instagram. In the second quarter, 2.88 billion people used one of Meta’s apps, such as Instagram and WhatsApp, daily, a 4 percent increase compared to last year.

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