Savage Beauty Season 2 Release Date Status: Cast, Plot, And More Details


A South African thriller called Savage Beauty launched on Netflix on May 12 and many quickly paused their work to watch. The first season certainly didn’t let viewers down in terms of the amount of action and suspense it provided. Many viewers have already finished the first season, which had only six episodes, and are wondering if there will be a second.

We’ve outlined everything we know so far regarding a possible second season of Savage Beauty. In Savage Beauty, a lady named Zinhle Manzini takes revenge on the family of beauty moguls who has mistreated her after a horrible childhood. inhale, performed by Rosemary Zimu, was a standout performance.

Alongside her were Nthati Moshesh, Jesse Suntele, Oros Mampofu, Nambitha Ben-Mazwi, Angela Sithole, and a host of additional cast members. Savage Beauty has earned a second season after an exciting yet brief first season. Season 2 of Savage Beauty is definitely in the works. The following is a summary of what we currently know!

Will There Be A Savage Beauty Season 2?

Possibly! Netflix has yet to order a second season of the show. There’s no need to be alarmed about this, though. Once a show premieres on Netflix, the streaming service typically takes about a month or so to make a decision. It’s just been a week since the debut of the first season, so I’d say we’re still in the early stages.

The streamer needs additional time before deciding whether or not to renew or cancel the show. Keep in mind that Netflix’s decision-making process is not just based on the number of views. That means there will be more stories to tell once the first season concludes on a cliffhanger.

Until Netflix makes a decision, we’ll have to wait. Until then, keep watching Savage Beauty boost the likelihood of a second season.

Savage Beauty Season 2 Storyline

Based on social issues, the program Savage Beauty is fiction. This story centers around Rosemary Zimu’s character Zinhle, who is the star of the program. To tell the narrative of Zinhle’s enigmatic existence and the buried mysteries that lie behind it is a fascinating undertaking for the series.

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Zinhle’s mission to avenge the Bhengu family is shown with a lot of weight from her background. An international beauty company makes the Bhengu family extraordinarily wealthy and influential.

Toxic beauty products are tested on impoverished and vulnerable children by the Bhengus, whose secret is subsequently revealed in the show.

Savage Beauty Season 2 Cast

The whole Savage Beauty ensemble has done an excellent job, and we can only hope that the show’s creators will continue to do an excellent job of bringing out the best in each of the show’s many characters going forward. Season 2 of Savage Beauty will have a cast that includes:

Rosemary Zimu is Zinhle,

In addition to her roles in Champagne (2014), Shadow (2019), and Savage Beauty (2019), rosemary Zimu is an actor (2022).

Dumisani Mbebe portrays the character of Don Bhengu.

As Dumisani Shabani in the SABC1 soap opera Generations from 2008-2011, Dumisani Mbebe is a well-known South African actor. Interrogation Room, Divers Down, and Shooting Stars are some of his other notable performances on South African television.

Nthati Moshesh returns as Grace Bhengu.

South African actress Nthati Moshesh was Nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the 2016 Africa Movie Academy Awards, she is one of the best actresses in Africa.

Savage Beauty Season 2
Savage Beauty Season 2

Other Cast:

  • Nambitha Ben-Mazwi playing the character of Linda Bhengu
  • Angela Sithole covers the screen as Thando Bhengu.
  • Oros Mampofu returns as Ndu Bhengu.
  • Jesse Suntele is Phile Bhengu

Some new characters will be introduced in Season 2 of Savage Beauty.

Savage Beauty Season 2 Release Date

Savage Beauty hasn’t been renewed, so our release date projections are all we have to go on. Season 2 of Savage Beauty is likely to debut on Netflix in 2023 at the earliest, based on our best estimates. The second season release date might be pushed back more if the program isn’t renewed sooner rather than later.

I’m crossing my fingers that Netflix will pick up Savage Beauty for a second season soon! To learn more about the upcoming second season of Savage Beauty, be sure to check back with Netflix Life!

Savage Beauty Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 of Savage Beauty has yet to get an official announcement from the show’s producers, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we learn more. The trailer for the second season of Savage Beauty is expected to be published by 2023. You can watch the season 1 trailer below:

Here on our website, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of When Can I Watch Savage Beauty Season 2? We’ll keep you informed if anything happens. Please tell your friends and family about our article if you like it. Even if you only come to once, we appreciate your patronage.


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