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Overlord Season 4 Officially Confirmed, Release Date, & Cast

The light novel series Overlord Season 4 by Kugane Maruyama and so-bin is the inspiration for the anime of the same name. The launch of the fourth season is set for July 5, 2022, and it was revealed on May 8, 2021, that the entire cast and crew will be returning for the next season. ‘HOLLOW HUNGER’ by OxT serves as the opening theme, while ‘No Man’s Dawn’ by Mayu Maeshima serves as the closing theme.

There will be an Overlord season four and a new movie. The movie’s release date has yet to be set in stone, but we do know that season four will premiere in July 2022, as was announced in March of that year..

Overlord Season 4 Cast Members

Next season of the anime will pick up just where season three left off. Each and every person who had a significant role in the previous season is back for the next one. It features the voices of Satoshi Hino (AinzOoal Gown), Yumi Hara (Albedo), Sumire Uesaka (Shalltear Bloodfallen), Kenta Myake (Guardian Cocytus), EmiriKat (Aura), Yumi Uchiyama (Mare), and Masayuki Katou (Demiurge).

Overlord Season 4  manga inspired an anime adaptation, and the show’s first three seasons were hugely popular. An animated teaser picture with AinzOoal Gown in the centre and several additional characters on either side was published in February of 2022.

The “Holy Kingdom Arc” is also the basis for a film that is now under development. The release date of the film is projected for 2023.

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Overlord Season 4 Plot

Seasons 1-3 each adapted three books from the light novel series, therefore Season 4 should follow suit by adapting volumes 10-11. This would wrap out the first half of “The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom” arc. But! Season four, whenever it arrives, may adapt both sections of “The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom,” given that production was delayed because of the epidemic and that volumes 12 and 13 compose one narrative arc (but are separated into two parts).

Since we don’t have any official information, this is just conjecture, but it does indicate that season four might include more than thirteen episodes. What happens next is uncertain at this point. he Forty thousand demihumans, who are part of an allied army, encircle the Roble Holy Kingdom. The human army, led by the Holy Kingdom’s most powerful paladin, Remedios Custodio, is too worn out from fighting to defend itself against the demi-humans.

Sorcerer King Ainz faces out against Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth and his Demon Maidservants alone to keep his word as king. To continue… Is there any hope for the Holy Kingdom amidst the flames? To achieve justice, Volume 13 shows the path.

Overlord Season 4 Trailer

The production delay caused by the COVID-19 epidemic delayed the release of the season four trailer. In March of 2022, another teaser trailer was published.

Overlord Season 4 Member’s Return

When it comes to the anime’s voice actors and animators, details are scant. Since there has been no formal word. Unless something wildly unexpected occurs, it’s likely that most of the episodes from seasons 1-3 will be written by Yukie Sugawara again. Naoyuki Ito is expected to return as showrunner (primary director), while Madhouse will likely serve as the show’s producer.

overlord season 4
Overlord Season 4

When it comes to the voice actors, Season 4 has a good chance of bringing back the whole core cast. This implies that Satoshi Hino (Momonga), Masayuki Katou (Demiurge), Yumi Hara (Albedo), Kei Shindou (Zeta), Shigeru Chiba (Sebas Tian), and Manami Numakura (Narberal Gamma), among the other prominent voice performers, will likely be heard. There is currently no evidence to suggest that they will not be returning for Overlord season four.

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What about The overlord Game?

With the announcement that more than just Season 4 of the Overlord is on the way, fans are understandably ecstatic. It has also been rumored that a 2D action game would be released for the Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam.

Overlord novelist Kugane Maruyama has developed a unique tale for the next game, in which the deceased vicious psychopath Clementine must utilize martial arts and forgotten memories to escape the Tomb of Nazarick. Pictures of the 2D combat screen have been shared on Twitter, but there is still no word on when the game will be available.

Overlord Season 4 is not Officially Announced For more Updates In the future Stay tuned with newsconduct.com


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