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Dinah Mattingly: Celebrities do not just make themselves famous, but the people around them also enjoy the same amount of fame and limelight. The wives of the celebrities, their children, and their parents all come on the radar of the media and the fans. One such celebrity is the famous Basketball player Larry Bird.

His wife Dinah is garnering a lot of attention these days and is trending on google. To save you from all the hustle, we have collected all the facts about Dinah Mattingly’s net worth, age, wiki, affair, height, and husband. So, sit tight while we give you a short tour of the life of Dinah Mattingly.

Dinah Mattingly Bio

She was born in the United States of America on November 16, 1943. She came to the limelight after her name was associated with the Basketball star Larry Bird. She eventually married Larry, who had an exceptional career in the National Basketball Association team, Boston Celtics.

Larry bird is a famed basketball player, in fact, one of the best players of his time, and his marriage with Dinah Mattingly, transformed her life completely. Dinah Mattingly became a celebrity overnight, from a regular American girl. 

Dinah Mattingly Net Worth

One of the questions that the fans are asking, is Her net worth. The fans want to know what is the individual worth of Dinah Mattingly. We had many sources and it was not easy for us to come to an exact and correct figure as to Dinah Mattingly’s net worth.

We finally went with the average system and had one million dollars as the figure of Dinah Mattingly’s net worth. She has numerous earning sources, and most of them are secret. We are looking for more details on her possessions, real estate, etc., and will update it here.

Dinah Mattingly’s husband’s net worth stands at fifty-five million dollars. The net worth and possessions of the couple will increase with time. 

Dinah Mattingly Early Life

Dinah Mattingly was not a very famous girl in her youth, and she did not reveal much about her personal life, even after becoming famous. There is no data or information available on her before her involvement with Larry Bird. We do not know her family details, her early life, her career before Larry, etc.


According to our sources, Dinah was a diligent student, and after completing high school, she went to Indiana State University, and it was during her time at the university that she met Larry. 

They were not a couple during their days at the university, and Larry married Janet Condra. Larry’s marriage with Janet did not survive for long and they divorced after two years. Lary and Janet have a child together, The reason for his divorce is still not clear, but just after his divorce, he started going out with Dinah Mattingly.

Larry married Dinah in 1989, the couple does not have any biological child, but they have two adopted children. 

Dinah Mattingly Husband

Larry Bird is an NBA star and started his career for the Boston Celtics in 1978. Larry played small forward and went on to become the best frontcourt of his time. Larry became NBA All-star twelve times and won the title of league’s Most Valued Player(MVP) for two years in a row. 

Dinah Mattingly
Dinah Mattingly

Larry won three NBA championships in his career with Boston Celtics. He was also part of the ”Dream Team” for the United States National, and his team also won the summer Olympics in 1992. His career in Basketball continued even after his retirement, and he went to become a coach for the Indiana Pacers, for three years in a row between 1997-2000.

Larry went on to become the Basketball operation president for the Indiana Pacers. He is the only NBA player to hold all the titles, Rookie of the Year, Regular Season MVP, All-Star MVP, Finals MVP, Coach of the Year, and Executive of the Year.

Dinah Mattingly Affairs and Controversies

Dinah Mattingly never had an affair, but Larry always was surrounded by controversies. It was in 2014, that one of the news agencies alleged an of Larry, later it came to light that the mystery woman was the adopted daughter of Dinah and Larry.

Larry and Dinah Mattingly were also arrested for attempted murder, the couple does not speak much of the incident. Later it also came up that Larry has an illegitimate child with someone, but then it was pushed away as a rumor, as there was no evidence of the same. 

There is not much information on the first child of Larry Bird with his first wife. 

Dinah Mattingly Online Presence

Dinah Mattingly likes to keep her life secret, and not much is known to us about her personal life. It is due to this reason, that Dinah Mattingly has zero internet presence and has no active social media account.

The photos that are available in the public domain are the ones taken during her visits to watch Larry’s game. Dinah Mattingly has earned a good amount herself and knows to manage things in her favor. The whole family keeps a not much limelight policy, except for Larry. 

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